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SEO strategies must be frequently improved to meet the fast changing demands of search engine platforms. 23e2 Digital Marketing employs industry-specific methods so that local business sites are relevant across all search engine results pages. There is one constant factor in this process, both on-site and off-site optimization are essential for prospects to find a service or a product listing. Let our local SEO experts create a long-lasting top of the page impression for your business. Whether you want to increase online traffic or conversion rate on your website, 23e2 Digital Marketing will be taking care of planning, developing and implementing local SEO campaigns that will reflect your company’s vision. When consumers are searching within your industry, your business will stand out as their go-to option.

SEO process

As a marketing agency, we usually structure our SEO plan into a few steps. We start by assessing if your website is designed in a search engine friendly way. We would then proceed to the keyword research stage where our team will analyze your marketing goal. We also review the marketing strategy of your competitors to come up with a set of high search volume and relevant keywords. We build title tags, search terms and descriptions for each page on your website. Next steps are updates and modification of original website content so it is keywords focused. After on-site optimization comes the link building stage that is a crucial part of a successful search engine optimization campaign.

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23e2 Digital Marketing is an SEO agency based in Toronto. We focus on using search engine optimization to gain visibility, attract leads and generate revenue.
The agency is a source for SEO strategies with real results. Our data-directed approach starts with you and your online presence, either on your website or social media, for continuous growth over time. Your marketing goal is at the source of our scalable SEO campaigns, fit for ongoing development in your industry. We frame content with your customers in mind and the intent to succeed. Your business deserves not only increased sales but meaningful discussions and qualified rankings that your potential buyers care about.

SEO Pricing Toronto

SEO Toronto price starts at $997/month. This SEO plan includes all main aspects of search engine optimization services we offer in Toronto: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Link Building and Monthly Reporting. 23e2 Digital Marketing is a Toronto’s premier digital marketing agency. Our team of SEO Toronto experts guarantee ranking on Google and Bing. We offer SEO audit, SEO strategy, forecast, project plan and key performance indicators for free.

SEO Cost in Toronto


/ Per month


per month

Prepaid Discounts:

3 Months $2,692
(10% discount saves you $299)
6 Months $5,085
(15% discount saves you $897)
12 Months $9,571
(20% discount saves you $2,393)


/ Per month


per month

Prepaid Discounts:

3 Months $7,552
(10% discount saves you $839)
6 Months $14,265
(15% discount saves you $2,517)
12 Months $26,852
(20% discount saves you $6,712)


/ Per month


per month

Prepaid Discounts:

3 Months $15,112
(10% discount saves you $1,679)
6 Months $28,545
(15% discount saves you $5,037)
12 Months $53,732
(20% discount saves you $13,432)
Still have questions regarding SEO cost? Please review our SEO pricing guide for business owners.

Explore all SEO Toronto Services

SEO Audit

Analyze website visibility in search results

Look through the website for problems in function, layout and content to improve website rank to the first page.

Log File Analysis

Analyze website data to determine problems

Use page crawlers to optimize pages with better navigation and internal links and reduce server error.

Snippet Optimization

Show up in position zero on Google

Target relate search queries and provide answers in paragraph, list or table.

Google Penalty Removal

Resolve Google penalty problems

Determine reasons for Google penalty such as bad links, malware, etc on the site and fix it.

Website Speed Optimization

Optimize website to improve user experience

Simplifying your codes, reduce redirects, optimize images and limit the number of plugins can increase your site speed.

Keyword Research

Get pages found for a specific topic

Determine which words are searched up most frequently for specific services and make sure your page optimized for those words.

Content Marketing

Content creation and publishing

Write interesting articles on specific topics to create high-quality content that people will find helpful.

On-Page Optimization

Focus on visibility for specific web pages

Use a stronger page title, meta description, keywords and higher readability to increase the visibility of your page.

Link Building

Earn links from other websites to your own

Use directories to add information on the company from name, logo, description and website link.

Voice Search

Optimize website to be found by voice search

Determine user intent with voice search and make sure to target the preferred customer base to increase website views.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Every agency has its own pricing structure when it comes to SEO. The standard SEO pricing in 2021 is between $997 to $2597/month, however, some agencies may offer discounts for longer contracts. One-time SEO projects are typically more expensive ranging from $5000 to $30,000 with the addition of a consultation fee between $80 to $200 per hour.
No, SEO is not dead in 2021. Search engines are constantly evolving and so does SEO to bring users with relevant results to their search queries. As long as people have questions, SEO will never die.
If you want your business to get noticed, then the answer yes, SEO is definitely worth it in 2021. SEO has always been and still is an important component in driving traffic to your business. The earlier you start investing in SEO, the more likely your business will get noticed.

The average cost per hour for SEO in Canada is between $51 to $200, but the price largely depends on the needs of your business. Agencies typically provide different SEO packages depending on the types of services needed, with most offering discounts for longer contracts. When choosing an agency make sure their price accurately reflects their experience.

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