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A few years back Google launched the program Google Guarantee aiming to help people to find reputable local businesses that offer in-home services. Eligible advertisers are shown on the top of search engines when people search for related services. Advertisers are charged only when a valid lead comes through. It not only can help users to easily connect with trustworthy service providers but also helps local service providers to find qualified leads. Now that the Google Guarantee program was a huge success, Google has introduced the Google Screened program to professional services such as lawyers, financial planners, and realtors.

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  • Google Screen badge will appear beside your business listing and it shows your potential clients that you are a reputable and trustworthy business
  • You only pay for valid leads
  • Being able to show up with the Google Screened badge can boost your credibility online
  • Your ad listing will be placed on the most prominent place on Google’s search result page above all ads, map pack, and other organic results
  • Having the Google Screen badge can be more eye-catching compare to others therefore increase your click-through rate.
  • Such local services ads are not only on Google desktop and mobile but also available on Google Assistant in response to voice search. Users will hear that the business is Google Screened.
google screened for immigration lawyers

Who is eligible?

  • Google Screen program is only available to firms that provide professional services including Law, Financial Planning and Real Estate.


  • Pass business level and owner background check, and in some cases employees may also need to complete a background check
  • Retain any license and insurance on your business category and going through validations
  • Maintain a three-star rating or higher on Google

Should I Participate in Google Screen Program?

Yes! If your firm provides professional services like law, financial planning or real estate then you should definitely apply.
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Google Screened Account Management Pricing


$ 150 Monthly
  • Billed Annually


$ 200 Monthly
  • Billed Semiannually