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Google Screened is a new program introduced by Google, helping professional service providers to increase their exposure and reach potential customers when they are searching for the services they provide. It is also a badge of trust for professional services providers to potential customers as it shows that the business has passed Google’s extensive background checks, increasing customers’ confidence when making a purchasing decision.

Currently, Google Screened is only limited to professional services businesses such as lawyers (tax, immigration, and others), financial advisors, and real estate agents located in San Diego and Houston.

Google Screened vs Google Guaranteed

Google Screened is similar to Google Guaranteed in many ways as both services aim to help businesses increase their online presence and build trust with potential customers. They both require an extensive background check in order to be eligible for either program. The most notable difference is that Google Guaranteed focuses primarily on home services such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, and roofing. Whereas Google screened focuses on professional services such as lawyers, financial advisors, and realtors. 

Another major difference is that Google Guaranteed offers customers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory work with a lifetime cap of $2000, whereas Google Screened does not. Although there is no money-back guarantee for Google Screened, its main focus lies in building trust with customers by confirming that Google has verified the business as a trustworthy vendor.

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How to Get Your Business Approved for Google Screened

What Does it Mean to be a Google Screened Approved Firm?

  • Your business listing is placed above all other search results and advertisements on Google’s SERP (above both paid and organic results).
  •  Awarded with the “Google Screened” badge, signalling to customers that your business is to be trusted as it is approved by Google.
  • Increase visibility to potential clients in your area
  • Higher rates of conversion

The Screening Process

  1. Business background check of the firm as a whole. 
  2. Verification of the physical location of the business.
  3. Verification that all professional licenses are up-to-date and in good standings.
  4. Civil and Criminal background checks of each professional of the firm.
  5. Confirmation that the firm has a Google rating of 3.0 stars or higher.

Once passed Google’s screening process, your firm will then be able to proudly showcase themselves as a ‘Google Screened’ business, giving prospective clients confidence that your firm is best suited for the job. 

Benefits of Using Google Screened

The Google Screened program helps businesses build trustful relationships with their potential customers. Companies with the Google Screened badge confirm that the company has passed all the required background checks and it is approved by Google. Providing an increase in customer confidence that the business will be able to meet their expectations. 

Google Screened Local Service Ads enables businesses to effectively put themselves in front of the eyes of potential customers as the Local Service Ads is given the most prominent placement on the Google search engine result page, above all the other paid ads, maps, and other elements. In addition, Google Screened Local Service Ads makes your listing more engaging with its number of eye-catching visuals such as the vendor’s portrait photo, company star-rating, number of reviews on Google, contact information, and most importantly the Google Screened badge to attract potential customers to boost click-through rate of listings. 

Clicking on the listing will not redirect them to the company’s website, instead, it will display a page with information about the business that is most important to the clients when making a decision. Additionally, Location Service Ads will also be available on Google Assistant, smartphones, and Google Home devices, which means that businesses will appear in voice-command searches and will hear a confirmation that the business is Google Screened. 

Google Screened is also a cost-effective method of promoting businesses, as businesses are only charged for qualified leads that relate to the services which they offer, unlike other paid ads that are charged every time someone clicks on the link. To ensure that businesses do not get charged for miscalls or spams, only phone calls that last longer than 30 seconds are charged.

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Final Thoughts

The Google Screened program is a powerful service for any eligible business that are looking to increase their online presence as well as attracting more customers. Businesses with the Google Screened badge have the advantage of increasing their credibility, as well as increasing their client’s confidence when choosing your firm. Google Screened Local Service Ads are visually appealing providing the advantage of showcasing portraits, ratings, and reviews of business listings which will help increase the click-through rate. Lastly, it is a cost-effective method of promoting businesses; as businesses are only charged when potential customers call in and ask about a service which the business provides. 

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