Youtube for Business

Youtube is one of the most dominant social media platforms in the industry today. It is responsible for 11% of video traffic worldwide, only behind Netflix. Over 1 billion users are on youtube and over half of their views come from mobile devices.

With this in mind, Youtube provides a business opportunity for businesses to grow their brand and follows. Not only can these businesses enforce a marketing strategy, they can also advertise video content on other channels.

How can you optimize your YouTube channel?

To make your brand’s youtube channel stand out, you should focus on:

  • Making your Channel’s home page visually appealing
    • Choose a proper profile picture
    • Make a header image for your channel (add your schedule and personalities to it)
    • Create playlists featuring your company work
    • Create an about page, with a short description of your company
  • Research keywords that your channel can use
    • This includes tags, titles and descriptions
    • Keywords and tags can boost your video, playlist and channel rankings as they will give you extra visibility in search results

How can I get views for my brand’s channel?

To get views for your brand’s channel you need to focus on watch time or audience retention which is the total amount of time that viewers spend watching your videos. To increase watch time you should:

  • Build your video playlist and order them effectively 
  • Choose titles and thumbnails that reflect your content 
  • Use youtube cards in your videos 
  • Create content based on Youtube keywords

By focusing on these aspects you can increase your channel’s views and attract more targeted customers.

How can I get customers to notice and view my channel?

To get more customers to notice and watch your channel’s videos, you should:

  • Monitor your target audience 
    • This means to address any of your customer’s concerns on your YouTube videos (e.g. through comments)
    • By doing this, you can improve on areas that your videos may need
  • Develop a signature production style 
    • Make sure that your videos are produced to maximize the recognition of your topic
    • By choosing a relevant topic for your brand and by creating effective content that supports it, it will allow your channel to establish a production style 
  • Deliver a strong call to action (CTA)
    • Your CTA should give your business an opportunity to generate leads
      • E.g. share your video, visit your website or watch more videos
      • Also remember to create content that is detailed and relevant
        • E.g. do not try to sell a product that viewers do not know about or what it does
  • Create a partner verified account
    • This will allow you to monetize your videos, upload longer videos and create custom thumbnails for your videos
    • By monetizing your channel, you can also:
      • Reveal products on your videos
      • Address what their function is and generate conversation with your audience 
  • Promote your channel and its videos frequently
    • Conduct research on what platforms that your audience may have through a platform such as Google Analytics
    • Also determine the best messaging method that your audience prefers using a method such as Split Testing
  • Other methods include:
    • Determining the topics of interest that are relevant to your brand and your audience 
    • Assessing the keyword search volume and competition using a tool such as UberSuggest
    • Mining youtube autosuggestions for more keywords 
    • Researching video tags

How can I advertise on Youtube?

To advertise on YouTube you should use these methods:

  • Making sure that your content is effectively delivered
  • Adding keywords to your advertisements
  • Defining your audience 
  • Targeting your audience based on real-time events
  • Using placement targeting to reach other channels’ viewers

How can I monitor analytics?

Using Google Analytics, you can measure your video performance by:

  • Assessing video watch behaviour
    • This will let you evaluate the performance of your videos
  • Evaluating audience engagement (e.g. subscribers, likes and dislikes)
    • By recognizing if your audience is reacting appropriately to your videos and product, you will be able to increase sales

By doing this you will be able to monitor your channel’s analytics. You will also be able to find patterns to determine why your channel’s traffic is rising or falling.

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