Local Services by Google

Local Services by Google or Google Guarantee Program is a pay-per-lead advertising provided by Google for local service businesses. With this type of ad, your business shows up on Google when people search for your job type and people can directly call you to book an appointment. Local Services Ads highlight the most important information about your business to potential customers:phone number, services offered, service area, hours and reviews.
Eligible advertisers will receive the “Google Guaranteed” badge displayed on your ad. This requires you to pass Google’s screening process which includes license and insurance verification, employee background checks performed by Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations. All employees that will be serving customers at their homes must complete this process in order to earn the “Google Guaranteed” badge. When you are backed by the Google Guarantee, if your customers who came to your business through Google Local Service ad aren’t satisfied with work quality, Google may refund the amount paid for the service up to CAD $2000.

Local Services by Google Canada

At this time, Local Services ads are only available for electricians, locksmiths, plumbers and HVAC in Canada. If you offer the above-mentioned services, Local Services ad is definitely one of the best opportunities for service providers to be seen on top of Google search.
Another major benefit of Local Services ad is that you only pay for valid leads. When you sign up for the ad, you will have the option to set an average weekly budget based on the number of leads you want to receive and you will be able to edit your budget at any time. Advertisers can dispute leads that you believe are not valid. Your account will be credited back later if disputed successfully. You can dispute invalid call leads in scenarios such as solicitation, spam, location note served, service not offered. For Local Services and you are charged for each lead you receive through the program. The price for each lead may vary depending on your location, job type and the type of lead.
Service providers do not have the option to select what keywords to target for Local Services ad. When you sign up, you will select your job type that matches the type of services you offer. Google will then automatically decide which keywords are relevant for the selected job type. In the event if you decide to pause your Local Services ad, you will not be removed from the search results but rather your “Google Guaranteed” badge will not be present and your ad will be placed at a lower rank.

You might be wondering out of all the service providers in the area, how will Google decide which one ranks first? What is the SEO strategy for Local Services ad? In fact, there are several factors that contribute to how your listing is ranked compared to other providers. For example, the number of reviews you receive as well as your review score can be one of them. Your Local Services ad review is a combination of that came from Google My Business and those directly from Local Services. A few other factors that can also affect your ranking on Local Services include your responsiveness to customer inquiries and requests, your location, business hour and whether or not Google have received serious or repeated complaints about your business. On top of that, Google’s algorithm will also try to spread out the leads you receive overtime so you do not spend your entire budget in the beginning of your budget period. 

Local Services by Google Account Management Pricing


$ 80 Monthly
  • Billed Annually


$ 100 Monthly
  • Billed Quarterly