Log File Analysis

What is Log File Analysis?

Log file analysis is used to determine how search engines read your website data. We use the information provided to see how well each web page performs. This leads us to understand how the SEO for your website can be improved. We tailor a plan based on our clients needs. By understanding what pages have the most difficulty getting views we can focus on them to improve your website traffic.

Why is it useful?

With Log File Analysis we know what the search engine notices when they crawl your website. We use this information to help improve your site If there are any webpages that aren’t crawled we’ll figure out the problem and fix it. With our experts you’ll know if there are changes to the way your website is being ranked due to algorithm changes. Since Google changes their algorithm hundreds of times every year there may be factors that could reduce your website visibility without you ever realizing it. We could figure out why and help rework your website layout so that no problems occur.
log file analysis
log file analysis

What can we do?

With our Log File Analysis we can determine things like the readability and SEO ease of the site. Some web pages make the mistake of trying to get ranked higher in the search engines by overusing keywords to get found quicker. But as a result you’ll find that the content itself isn’t very interesting to read. If your viewers aren’t interested and immediately leave the page the search engine notices this and puts your website lower in the search results. We make sure that all your website links work properly and that your images have alternate text to read if they can’t show up on the browser. While these may seem like small fixes they make a huge change on how your website is perceived by the algorithm. While your website has to be appealing it also has to have very good functionality to be crawled easily by search engines like Google. So when pages take too long to load or there are problems that time out the browser you’ll find that it causes red flags for the search engines. With the information from the log file analysis we can figure out where the biggest problems in your website are occurring and can fix it accordingly. We can also make sure that your website works well on any application including mobile as this platform is where you’ll notice sites have problems. A search engine realizes that, which affects the rankings.

Why choose us?

We don’t just focus on making your website better, we also want to focus on your goals. If there are certain pages with products you want more visible we’ll focus on that. While we will fix all pages some might be crawled on more so we will be sure to give your site more visibility. When certain pages aren’t crawled it may just be due to small issues. But we spend time looking over everything thoroughly so that you get a website that gains more views. Our company has experience fixing website problems. We have even created them from scratch as part of our services. So we’re familiar with the whole process of website reorganisation. Our variety of experiences and talent means that you’ll get a site that is quick and easy to use. Don’t let lagging and layout problems deter potential viewers from your site. Instead get our services and we’ll fix these problems so both the users and the algorithm are satisfied with the result. As our client you have full say on what you’d like to do regarding your site. We’ll get your vision while fixing any problems on your site so that it can be crawled quicker.

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