Keyword Research

Are you stuck trying to advertise your business? When you’re putting in the time and effort you want to make sure that you get the results for it. If you have already paid people to make eye-catching ads and are active on social media there may be a reason why you’re not getting the customer base you hoped for. This might be due to the keywords you’re using. It’s very common when people search online for help that most visit the first three sites that show up. So how does your business measure up? If it doesn’t even appear on the first page there may be a few reasons why this happens.
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The keywords are:

  1. too general – General keywords are those that can be very broad in a search engine. For example if you’re a plumbing company you don’t just want to put plumbing as the general keyword you want to be more specific like “Scarborough plumbing company” or “24/7 plumbing services”. The more details you add to the keywords the easier it is for your site to show up when searched. This may be a small change but it makes a huge difference in how easily the website will be found.
  2. too specific – While we did suggest making keywords more descriptive making it too specific can cause problems as well. For example if you made the keywords for a plumbing company, “Drain cleaning in residential homes 9 am-5 pm in Mississauga” then the website will still be hard to find. This is because people won’t think to type all that when searching for plumbing help. So while these keywords might make it easier for your website to show up on the first page it doesn’t help if no one is looking for this in the first place. Don’t make your keywords too long or you’ll end up losing potential website visits.
  3. not worded well – There are words that customers type frequently and you want to make sure that you know how to set your keywords properly. What words do your target audience use to search for similar services? If you don’t know then it’s time to do some research. After all, if you don’t know your customers how are you going to be a competitive business. This is why having data on people is important. If you get too out of touch then you won’t be catering to people’s needs. Another tip with wording is to reduce the professional terms for keywords. Especially if it’s not something common. Most people who are looking for help aren’t industry professionals so they won’t use the lingo you do. Descriptive keywords on the company services can help with that problem.
  4. too popular – Is your website very common? Some keywords have a lot of website traffic so it is best to avoid them. Knowing what keywords can be used is helpful when having a website. Keywords that are high or low in popularity can each be useful in their own way. But it’s up to you to decide what will be useful. Be warned that the popularity of a keyword can change as people’s interests tend to. So a keyword can end up being searched up less after a while.

Why is choosing a popular keyword not always right?

If a lot of people search up the keyword there may be many reasons why. For example if you find out that a popular keyword is flowers. This doesn’t tell us anything because it is too broad. Does the user want to buy some flowers? Learn more about them? Grow some? There are so many ways this keyword can be interpreted. So don’t get caught up in the popularity of a keyword. If people enter a site looking for something else you’ve just wasted their time and left the person with a negative impression of the company.

What can I do?

We have only explained a few rules to keyword research but already there are so many conflicting tips and tricks to keep up with. This may not be what you signed up for but luckily there are marketing agencies that can help. They research using software made to find out internet users’ behavior. With this information, the marketing agency comes up with keywords that can help your website get found quicker. A marketing agency knows how to be strategic enough to find the right keywords that fit your website. This saves you time and effort.
Besides, it’s not just you that the marketing company will be looking into but into your competition as well. With their software, the marketing company can find what popular keywords your biggest competing businesses aren’t on so that you have more exposure. This helps increase the customers for your business. Factors such as the month, region, and services can change the keywords as well. For example, keywords like cranberries are in higher demand during the month of Thanksgiving so this is when sites with that keyword are more visible. Keywords also change with the region because some places even if they’re in the same country can have more or less use of certain keywords. This is because they might call the same word differently. Even the popularity of the services provided can affect what keywords should be used for a website.

Keywords change depending on the website page

For website pages that are offering help for problems, they would be worded differently than the contact us page. So even on the same website different pages can rank higher or lower than others. This is why keywords are important for every page. Marketers make sure that every word is search engine optimized so that you don’t need to worry about the visibility. Attention is paid to the reactions of internet users. Did they find the information they need? Or did they leave the site immediately? Such factors are accounted for.

How does keyword research services work?

Book the service to have your website looked at. Someone will come to make sure what the problem with the website is. This means checking on factors like the readability of the page and making sure the common person can understand everything. Other factors like grammar, spelling, and the visuals will also be checked before they start. Once the marketing team understands the customer base you’re looking for they will look into their search habit. This gives them a general idea of what keywords to use. Then they’ll look at business competitors to see what keywords they’re ranking for and why. With all the information gathered they’ll put keywords for the individual pages of the website to make sure it ranks higher when searched. The more visits to the website by the user the higher the rank of the site.
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