2021 SEO for real estate agents
(7 Steps to Ranking #1 as a realtor).

Here is the truth, online marketing is significantly impacting businesses’ performance. If you’re looking for tips and tricks about online marketing to grow your real estate business?
We got you!
But first, let’s discuss the fundamentals.
For realtors, online visibility and traffic seem to be more and more crucial in determining their work success. When looking to buy a home, most of us tend to start looking online. Google is the best search engine in the world, with over 300 websites created every Minute! Standing out and staying on top of the search result page is a real hustle. This makes trying to beat other local competitors who are as good as you online harder than ever.
Here is where SEO comes in!

How important is SEO for a Real estate business?

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First, let’s define what SEO means. SEO is an acronym that stands for (search engine optimization). When typing keywords in a search engine like “Google” and “Bing,”; SEO is a tool that helps your website get more visibility and traffic on the search result page. Using SEO properly enables you to stand out and tackle other website competitors that hold as much of the same information as yours. The goal is to be the first choice when an online user is clicking.

How to properly Use SEO as a realtor.

Here, we will walk you with a step-by-step guide on how to win that competition for your local real estate brokerage. By optimizing your real estate website, you get more exposure for your brand. Using SEO also provides you to get non-paid(organic search results), unlike PPC and rank number one on the search engine result page (SERP), where your company deserves to be.
Let’s dive in!

1) Plan ahead.

Yes! You should plan way way ahead. When they say “sometimes later becomes never, ” they weren’t kidding! A well-thought plan with plenty of time given is a plan that is more likely to succeed. We know being a realtor requires commitment, constant time, and effort. That’s why you will need to optimize your time well. As we know, technology is growing faster than ever. There are more and more online stores, websites, blogs, Created and published every day. Everything we do is becoming online nowadays, so staying relevant on the internet should be part of your goal planning.
A smart promotion to staying relevant coming up later on,

2) Conduct original local research.

The real estate market is vigorously competitive. Winning those competitors is very important for realtors. When you research as a realtor, your aim should be more local. You should ask questions Like “what are the things my local competitors do compare to me,” “what is the trend in real estate right now? ” these questions will help you decide on your next plan whether you want to do something different than them or even better than your competitors.
These will help you answer questions on your website that the majority is asking when conducting research start by asking around residents in the local area about real estate, collecting data, polls, surveys, and seeing what they would like to see on the internet. These should be a stepping stone to get more traffic to your website.
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3) Optimize keyword

Let’s define a keyword first. When we say “SEO Keyword,” it is a combination of words, usually phrases that we type in the search engine bar hoping to satisfy our search intent.
Example:- let’s say if I want to buy my pet dog a toy, and it’s my first time buying it, I wouldn’t know which one to specifically get, so the keyword I would type in would possibly be something like, ” Best dog toys” and then I would have a bunch of results in my page with lists for best dog toys.
google search for best dog toys
As a realtor, you want to be among those top lists on the first result page when users search for specific keywords. Some common keywords to search for real estate would be like ” Houses for sale near me.”
keyword research for realtors
When you end up on the top list of the first page, users most definitely will click on your website first. Let’s be real how many of us click the second page from the search result page. Most of the time, all of the information needed by the user will be found on the first page. Google realizes those results as a higher value to the people. In turn, they get a higher ranking. The higher your rank, the more traffic. So how do we become number one? First, research different keywords to use on your web page. You can start by typing on the Google search bar and let google itself finish the keyword for you or let it recommend a better one. Another one is adding value to your web content. The more you include information your targeted audience would want to know about, the more visitors. That’s why the research part was essential. Thankfully there are also other easy tools of methods to find the best keywords like Keyword Explorer, Google trends, Soolve, and Google search console, which will help analyze, track and maintain your web performance.

4) Optimize your URL

First, what’s a URL? a URL or a web address is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols starting with usually either “HTTP or HTTPS.” It gives the location of a document or webpage on the internet. Like the address to your home, an URL provides an address to a web page. When you create a URL to your real-estate website, you should not forget to include your chosen keyword and keep it as short as possible to make It easy to manage and memorable for users. A study shows that short URLs have higher Google rankings than longer ones.
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5) Create a-wooing Content

Content could be a written article, blog, video, audio. It is a process of transcribing or recording ideas and pieces of information on your web page in a practical matter for the targeted audience.
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 “ Add aesthetically pleasing galleries in your features.”

Content could be informational, educational, and entertainment. As a realtor, your content should contain the following characteristics.
Let’s take a look,

Your content should have a great hook

a great hook will automatically grab readers’ attention and make them want to keep reading more. A right hook should still be related to the main idea of your content while being more attractive. It could be a catchy phrase, a personal or memorable customer experience. Our goal is to keep readers engaged and make your content their first choice. A great hook could be something like, ” the skyrocketing home prices in Toronto is not news for Torontonians….”. Hooks like these are relevant to the current time being, and if the reader is from the same location or wants to move to this location, they would be interested in knowing more about it, so they will keep reading.

Information what your buyers are looking for

Your Web page content should have information on everything a customer would possibly want to know when they visit your page. You want to keep them hooked so readers won’t get bored or leave your page if they feel like they are not getting the information they wanted. They will close the tab and look for different websites with a keyword they are looking for to be answered. So keep your content not wordy, very descriptive, and engaging.
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“Wide-angle images give so much detail!”

Services you are providing.

As a realtor, you are responsible for satisfying your customer requests or better coming up with better alternatives for your customer. On your webpage, you should have a well-thought list of services you provide for potential customers, information on neighborhood prices, nearby transit to the house you are selling, the proximity of groceries, and other essential stores for the customer’s liking. Having a specific and detailed list of services will increase and motivate readers to read and keep coming back for your webpage looking for better options.

Must be search intent (User intent) oriented.

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Search intent is a key in the Google search engine ranking page. Search intent means the reason behind one searcher’s inserted query in a search engine. Their goal could be multiple reasons, “cooking recipes for breakfast,” “ways to clean your leather shoe,” or “how to apply for a scholarship.” When users usually begin searching with “how to-,” they are generally looking for something actionable. They are hoping the results will tell them how to do the job. So you can expect results like “ 20 ways to tie your shoe”. Optimizing your web page by first understanding how you want to be perceived by the users and then researching and knowing how usually people who want to buy or sell houses put in keywords in a search engine’s will let you know how you should match their intent. This, in turn, will result in higher traffic to your web page since you provided answers users hoped to find.

Proof that your agency has previous projects that satisfied customer needs

Mentioning your previous successful projects, stats of sales, and positive customer reviews are not too self-promoting; it is a sign of proficiency for future potential buyers visiting your page. It also creates assurance, security, and confidence in your buyers on the realtors’ skills. Collecting a specific and wide variety of information helps readers not leave your page to find an answer to a particular topic and making sure all they need is there.
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“Happy client is the best business strategy of all.”

6) A Visually pleasing design.

Everyone likes something visually appealing and attractive. Thanks to modern technologies, we could use various types of web tools to create web designs however we select; however, we want to customize it to the single last detail. An excellent, engaging and appealing web page considers working on visuals like graphics, special fonts, GIF, videos, jpg, png…etc. There are enormous amounts of tools out there that will help you achieve the best design you envision. Your web features should have sections where the realtor shows attractive property features, room galleries, graphics images, price charts, graphs, cost, and commissions for real estate. Having a memorable logo representing the brand, even a unique brand name, is very important.

7) Smart Promotion for real estate marketing

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We know how social media has been taking the market by storm. Traditional marketing is slowly getting replaced by digital marketing. There are over 4 billion active internet users worldwide as of 2020. Think about how many hours per week you spend on the internet yourself. If we look up the screen time, it is going to be a considerable amount!. This is why your digital social presence for your business is significant. Social media is a make-it-or-break-it platform for your business. If used wisely, it can substantially help your business boom by allowing easy access to your services to plenty of users. It also makes it easier to promote your business by increasing your online presence and engagement in a short amount of time. When sharing your real estate website platform to various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and even the new rising media “Tik Tok.” You should consider Tagging your business’s location, create a unique newsletter design, and make sure to add multiple hashtags that relate to your brand. You should also consider adding Call-to-action (CTA) buttons to your web feature that makes your website visitors trigger to do something that leads them to your end goal like email subscriptions or CTAs that lead to your contacts or Booking consultation. As a realtor, you want your Call-to-action to be referencing the service you’re providing, a home you’re selling or renting, etc.
Example: “see the available location,” “read more,” “call now!”

How do you prevent losing subscriptions?

Tip: even though it’s normal to lose subscribers there are still ways to prevent some from happening. when users subscribe to your email, you don’t want to over-promote and spam their accounts. We all have a list of promotion accounts we don’t want to hear from.

Win your customers online with Real Estate SEO

SEO will benefit your business by helping you get more and better recognition, staying relevant, and high website traffic. If you understood the benefits of SEO, you would be able to tackle your local competitors. You also need to keep updating your web page with current local topics to increase engagement and relevance. Because in real estate SEO, your objective is to be the better option around, increase your demographic appeal and significance, so it’s essential to keep up to date with the local topics and changes concerning real estate.
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“To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.” -Anthony Hitt.

With modern technology, especially the internet, everything being one click away to access a massive amount of information about anything makes the internet an essential part of our daily lives. It’s also one click away to find a home for sale in the Google search engine, and chances are your website is coming on the first page and getting clicked by users. Luckily if that happens, you’ll get more recognition, but besides that, it will bring you profits, inquiries, sales, shares, comments, and many more!
As a real estate agent in the 21st-century, you should know and understand the significance of SEO. I hope this article provided you the information and tips you were looking for in your Real estate business.
Ready to start your new project but have a few questions? We are here to discuss.