Link Building

Why do you need backlinks ?

Backlinks help website rank. This is because the Google Search engine uses it as a factor when deciding what sites are useful for a search. Google wants to use websites that have high authority. But this can only occur when other high authority websites have links to your website. It makes Google take notice of your site in turn making it show up higher in the search results. The more backlinks created the more your website is seen as useful. Without having backlinks for your site Google will not notice it meaning you won’t be able to be found by internet users quickly. Backlinks are a very important factor in deciding the rank of a website page. So get our SEO services to help you gain visibility.
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Can’t I do this by myself?

Link building is important. But if you’re not careful with how your website builds its links you could be penalized by Google. This means actions such as putting your links in shady websites or building hundreds of links in a day. That sudden increase in backlinks sets off red flags in the Google algorithm. If they think that you aren’t getting the links organically Google will make your website hard to find until these links are taken care of. This means that people won’t find your site even when they type the business name. Even if you do put links in reputable sites it depends on how you’re leaving these links as well. The messages about the site have to be truthful and you can’t always link to the same keywords to get searched quicker. There needs to be a variety in your website links, messages and websites used. When we create backlinks we make sure that everything is natural from the wording, to the sites we use to give you backlinks. We know which sites have high authority so we know which places have a better chance of having you rank higher.

What are the best methods for links building?

There are many ways to make sure that your website has good links to gain exposure. Here are a few popular options that are used.
  1. Content Bait – Many websites don’t just have one page on their services they are very broad with how they market. A lot of websites choose to have blogs as part of their advertising. This is because they can keep posting new content to things relating to their services. Blogs can link back to an original website. So if a blog becomes popular then it will be publicized more so people will naturally share it with others. The computer program takes note of this and realizes that a link is being used a lot. This makes your website gain more authority as people begin to use it more and find the content provided here useful.
  2. Collaborate & Influence – There is always someone more popular than you and it’s good if you’re able to work with them. When you collaborate with someone you’re able to share followers with each other. People will be more inclined to visit your website if someone they know has shown an interest in it. It may be a little hard to make this happen but influencers want to increase their popularity as well. So convince them of the benefits of collaborating with your business and get them to work with you. This isn’t the only way influencers can be helpful though. Things like mentioning them on your site can be a good option too if you cannot get an interview.
  3. Look for broken links – Don’t you hate it when you click on a link and you get an error message. The website creators hate when this happens too. If you find a broken link report it to the website admin and offer to them to use your link instead. They may be thankful enough that you reported the problem that they might accept this offer. This only works if you have similar content to what the broken link was supposed to connect to. If not you can choose to make one yourself to get more link exposure. You’re not only helping yourself but others as well so it’s a win-win situation.
  4. Check your own site – If your website is very low in authority and users leave immediately after entering the site there may be a few reasons why. Have you made sure that your site doesn’t have any broken links? If not we recommend checking that now. Look at your website as if it was the first time you’ve visited. When you click on the link how long does it take to get to the site? If it takes longer than 5 seconds then people may lose interest and leave. Some factors that affect this are when pictures are too big that it takes a while to download. The outbound links that you have may also be causing problems. Check both the visuals and texts on the site, do they work well together or do they need to be updated. Images should also have alternative text so that people know what they’re about even if the images don’t load on the screen. A marketing agency can make sure that all these problems are checked out as well. With better website design, links, and alt image text you can make sure your website is good enough to compete with the competition.

What links do we get you?

There are millions of sites on the web so it’s very important to get quality backlinks that can make an impact. When we start making backlinks we want to make sure that firstly your website and any information on your business can be easily found. We’ll make sure that you have the necessary social media accounts, GoogleMyBusiness account, reviews, and ratings. This way both users and Google know that you are an established and active company. Having your own social media account means that you could add your links here for people to find and increase traffic to your website. Once we make sure you’re visible when the business is searched up we go into other websites and start adding your links there. We will put it in relevant places where interested customers might be looking for your services. Not only does it open you up for new customers this way. But the Google algorithm notices that your links are appearing more frequently in other websites. If it thinks your website is useful you’re put higher up in the search results. Another great way to get your links in other websites is through guest posts. This gets you people who may not have visited your site before information about it.

How do I get a guest post?

People don’t just visit websites for the products they may be looking for tips and information about things related to the products as well. By having a blog on your site you are gaining people who use it for the resources.The more people that use your site for your content the better chance they have of becoming customers as they trust you. But blog posts can be used by other websites as well. If the websites are interested in the content you’re publishing they may ask for a guest post. With this you can have your links in other websites. This works when you have quality content that people want to read about. Luckily we provide article writing services as well so if you’d like to go this route hire our experience writers to get started.

How do we get you noticed with our content writing ?

We write articles depending on the interest of your audience. So if you’re a plumbing company for example we’ll help write articles on plumbing tips, what services are necessary or cool facts about plumbing they didn’t know about before. For those looking into a plumbing website these blog posts would be helpful. They have the information needed and this way you could send the articles to other websites so that they could use them. Only if they add your link of course. Articles are a good way to keep people coming back to your website even when they aren’t buying your services at the moment. This way if they do need help they’ll think of your company first.

Why choose us ?

When you’re building links you want it to be done by someone with the experience to do it right. We can look through your website and get you found for keywords that may not be in as high competition as the one you’re using. Plus we can make sure you gain customers organically. A website cannot grow without backlinks to help it rank higher so take advantage of our services and hire us today. We have many online tools we can use to make sure your website gets the exposure you’re looking for. We don’t just help with creating backlinks. We offer services such as website rebuilding, blog writing, social media advertisement and many more. These are all services which help your website grow in traffic. When you hire us you know we will make sure to give you a tailored plan that works just for you. From the places we choose to link build to the way we’ll advertise your site.
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