2021 SEO for Electricians

(7 Steps to amplify your online ranking).

Whether you are in a house, a mall, a car, or even your work area, everything around you is powered by electricity. Electricity is one of the essential elements in our daily lives. Suppose your fridge keeps tripping a breaker. You might think there is no use in that fridge and plan to throw it out. But it was expensive! Don’t even try to attempt to fix it. You will need to call an electrician to replace that wire. Various kinds of electrical failures are dangerous for untrained people. An electrician is licenced and skilled to repair, install and access wires safely. So where would you find an electrician?
Naturally, you would start by googling.
That’s why as an electrician, your online presence is essential for clients and your highly demanding work.
Digital marketing has been around for a while now. There are over 4 billion active internet users around the globe. It is smart to think of investing your time, effort, and money into digital marketing. Digital marketing is a better way to market than traditional one since it is cost-effective and increases customer engagement. There are various digital marketing strategies to grow your online visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. one of these strategies is SEO.
In this article, we will cover about
  • What is SEO
  • Why is SEO important for Electricians
  • How can an electrician benefit from SEO

What is SEO for electricians?

what is seo for electricians
SEO is a process that helps websites earn high traffic and rank high on the search result page (SERP) by generating unpaid(organic) search results. Using SEO is a cost-effective process that will help you increase the quality and quantity of your website. Every business that wants to expand digitally will need to know the basics of SEO. As an electrician, SEO will help you reach out to your vast client base without difficulty if you know how to optimize it properly.
Let’s see some of the SEO techniques,

1) Knowing your target audience

seo target audience for electricians
As your work requires reading and assessing electrical designs, you will need to evaluate your target audience to market your business digitally. A target audience are potential clients that may be interested in your product or service you provide. These audiences have common characteristics like their demographics. Knowing your target audience will not only help you with frustration of not knowing where to market but with saving your time and money as well. Having the right audience is essential for one’s business success. As an electrician, your target audiences are enormous, starting from homeowners, commercial buildings, machinery, and construction workplaces. To know more details about your audience, you will need to start by researching. Since most electricians travel to work, your audience doesn’t need to be limited to locals only. By conducting a large scaled survey, collecting reviews, and asking questions around, you can get a picture of clients needs and wants. These patterns will help you to what you need to deliver for your audiences without assumption. Collecting data on your target audience could be a tedious task, But conducting original research is essential for your business success. There are customer analytic tools with free trials that could assist you like Google analytic.
Want to know how to market yourself as an electrician? keep reading

2) Valuable content

seo content for electricians
Content is information you provide for users when they visit your website. Good content provides sufficient and relevant information, visually attractive features while engaging you to read more. Google likes to rank long, informative, and original content higher. When writing your content, it is useful to know who your majority audiences are. Knowing this will help you on what kind of details to include in your content. As an electrician, when writing good content, it is essential to make it relevant and mention what kind of service you provide, price charts, details about the number and name of your working crews, customer reviews, statistics, and past projects that you have done.

3) Keywords for electricians

seo keywords for electricians
A keyword is a phrase a search engine user inputs to satisfy the search internet. You may be wondering, why is this important?. Keywords are significant when it comes to increasing your website’s online visibility. Picture this. A user is looking up on Google, “how to fix an open circuit”.
After you pressed the search button, you will see search results appearing for that specific query. Google picked these results to match the keyword you typed. According to the Google algorithm, these results are high value and relevant to the question. Your goal is to be among those top-ranked results on the search result page.
Well, you first need to have a keyword list. Look for common words or phrases people use to find and express electricians, look for queries that haven’t got a match yet, check what your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are. There are numerous tools for digital marketers nowadays to help find the right keywords. Some of these are Keyword research, Google trends, and even Google predictive searching will allow you to acquire the right keywords.
Use these keywords to integrate them throughout your webpage content, Title and Meta tags, and URLs.
Wondering what Title and Meta tags are? coming up later on

4) How to market yourself as an electrician?

seo marketing for electricians
Like the electric networks you install, you will need to establish an online network to market your business digitally. SEO will help you rank higher on the result page, but you need to develop a social network. As an electrician, building a network with trusted local news bloggers and websites is crucial for gaining trust from users. Using social media regularly for your company will also allow your content to get recognized and be familiar. Familiarity and popularity leads to confidence in your work. Some of the social media sites that are suitable for electricians are Facebook and Instagram.
Learn about compelling web design later on.

5) Backlinks

One of the essential elements of SEO is backlink. Backlinks or inbound links are links found on a website, but they will lead you to another web content when you click them. Acquiring a quality backlink is exceptionally crucial to succeeding in SEO. Backlinks will help you achieve a high amount of traffic to your website if you get a chance of referral from a trusted website where they have regular users. If you do ,That’s a quality backlink. A quality backlink is better than having only just quantity since one quality backlink from a high-traffic website could be enough for your website’s top ranking as it drives those users to yours and increases your credibility. But if you are just collecting the number of backlinks from unknown or not relevant websites, you will see little to non improvement in your Google ranking. When acquiring backlinks, don’t forget to get them from a website that is relevant to your content.
seo backlinks for electricians
“The arrow shows an example of backlinks.”
There are numerous ways to get backlinks.
  •  Build contacts with essential blog posts and local online news sources.
  •  Make your content a valuable source, so other websites want to refer to yours.
  • Find broken links and then build your link with the same content relevant to the original, broken, so when people want to use the broken link they wouldn’t go to a 404 page, but instead they will be led to yours.  A broken link is a link where their page no longer exists or has a changed source location.  Google analytic could help in finding broken links.
  • Ask for referral from web pages with relevant topics to your niche.
Keep in mind to always try different methods and keep using the one that has been effective for your business’s better google ranking.

6) Attractive web design.

seo for electrcians in 2021
Besides being an attention grabber, a well-designed site will help you in getting web traffic. When you provide enough time to create your website by adding different pictures, graphics, fonts, videos, and illustrations, you can win your competitors. A compelling site makes reading and browsing your site more enjoyable. A well-curated web design should be easy to understand and navigate. As an electrician, you should make your site functional and pleasing by adding features related to your topics and involving videos and graphics that show some electrical installations. You can use various website builders with free trials suited for electricians like Wix.
Besides paying attention to a website’s aesthetic design, let’s see some of the essential elements a website should have.

Web responsiveness

Website responsiveness is when a website is designed to be flexible to fit and adjust into multiple devices’ screens, like phones, computers, and tablets. This type of design is very preferable for users since they don’t have to worry about using your site from any device and anywhere, thus increasing a user’s experience and web visitors.

Server speed

A server speed is when a website doesn’t take too long to load content. It shows how fast your website can process a user’s request. Google recommends website server speed to be 2 seconds at most.

7) URL, Title and Meta tags


First, let’s define a URL. A URL stands for Uniform source locator. A URL is composed of letters, words, and symbols. A URL gives an address to the location of a document on the internet. Just how your home address gives direction to where you live, an URL does the same for documents found on the internet. A typical URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS.
The part where it says “SEO for electricians” is called a domain name. Your domain name should contain keywords you have selected for better visibility on the search engine result page.

Title tags

A title tag is a descriptive sentence on a search result page when a specific query has been inputted. These titles are found on the page source code, usually at the header of HTML coding. And they can be found on the web content as well. When title tags contain keywords, they help users get the right match to their keyword. When you contain the proper keywords on title tags it enables you to get a higher Google ranking These titles could get cut off if they are too long since Google displays title tags only of 60 characters. So try to keep your title characters less than 60.

Meta tags

Meta tags are found along with Title tags on the search result page. These are other factors affecting your web visibility. Unlike Title tags, Meta tags are only found on the page’s source code but not the web content itself. These descriptive sentences are useful for readers since it tells them what the site will be about before opening it. When you include keywords in your Meta tags, it helps Google analyze your site to label it as relevant and valuable to the specific keyword inserted. Thus, ranking it higher.

Power-Up your business with SEO

lights hanging from ceiling
Can you do SEO on your own? Yes, definitely! Learning SEO takes time and effort, but anyone who is determined can learn and optimize their own website desirably. If you are an electrician who wants to get more clients, you should be able to answer who your client base is, the service you are providing, if your website is functional and engaging, if you know what your clients want, and if you have it? These questions will help you prepare and plan out your goal to get more electrical jobs. Your electrical job can be hard sometimes, and you wouldn’t have enough time to learn SEO. In this case, you can always consider hiring an SEO manager. It will help you with every optimization there is to do to increase your website visibility, ranking, and quality without going over your budget. A great business requires great sacrifice, so don’t be afraid to take the risk. If you implement the proper techniques of SEO, be prepared to achieve your goals.
I hope this article helped you understand what SEO is, how you can use SEO as an electrician, and how you can benefit from it.
OFF you go!
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