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In today’s digital age, whenever you have a question the first place you are likely to look for answers are search engines such as Google, Bing, or any other search engines that you frequently use. But have you ever wondered how exactly do search engines such as Google find the most relevant results for our questions when there is so much information available on the internet?
For example, how did you arrive at this page? What search terms did you use to find what you are looking for?
My guess is that you were searching for ‘SEO Montreal’ or something similar, and clicked on the top link that was provided from Google’s search results.
But why did Google display these pages on the first page of the search results as opposed to the millions of other pages out there?
Well, the answer is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
At 23e2 Digital Marketing, we are the leading SEO service providers in Montreal and have helped many businesses reach the top of the search results in their respective industries.
Let’s dive more deeply into exactly how Search Engine Optimization works, and how it can help your business get noticed!
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What is Search Engine Optimization?

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To put it simply Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of establishing your online presence by raising your ranking on the search result pages, which makes it easier for people to find your content online.
The goal of search engines such as Google is to match the most relevant information to what users are searching for so that they can find quality content in a short amount of time. When you search for something on Google, you will be greeted with a list of results that Google has determined to be the most relevant to the search terms you had typed in. The page of results is known as the Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
Note that most users will not click on the results which are beyond the first page of the SERP. This is why it is important for businesses who are trying to increase their online traffic to optimize their website and its content for the search engines so that it will appear on the first page, or even better the top of the first page on the SERP.

How Does It Work?

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The search engines have crawlers that are constantly collecting information about websites to see which ones are most relevant to be shown to users.
There are many factors involved in determining if your website is relevant to be ranked in the first page of the search results such as:
  • Keyword Research: This means to identify and rank for the search terms which your customers are using to look for the product or service which you provide. The key factors when deciding on a keyword are search volume, relevance, and competition.
  • On-Page Optimization: This refers to the optimization of the contents on your website. This may include having a user-friendly interface, offering valuable and unique content, use title and meta elements, optimized for different devices, internal linking and more.
  • Content Marketing: Creating valuable content that people would want to click on.
  • Link Building: Having quality content that other sites would want to redirect their audience to your own website.
These are just a few out of the hundreds of ranking factors which Google’s algorithm use to determine what contents are best suited to be shown to users. This means that there are a lot of things to consider to effectively optimize a website for the search engine.

How can SEO Help Your Business in Montreal?

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If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, then your business’s website must be optimized for the search engine so that it can be found easily so it appears on the first page of the search results.
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Appearing on the first page of the SERP can provide many additional benefits besides increasing visibility, it can also:
  • Increase brand credibility:  Top results are often seen as the top players within an industry.
  • Save costs: Organic search results are free regardless of how many times it is clicked on because these are the natural rankings based on Google’s ranking factors. 
  • Increase conversion rates: Higher ranking pages often result in higher conversion rates as more people are aware of your business if you can maintain a top position on the SERP.
To remain competitive in this digital age, simply creating a website is just not enough. You will need to consistently update the content and optimize it, so that it will get noticed in the search results. You can have the best website in the world, but it would be meaningless if no one can find it.
Which is why you should hire a SEO professional who has a proven track record of helping businesses enhance their online presence.

The Best SEO Agency in Montreal

Optimizing your website for the search engines can be a challenging task, as the requirements to maintain a high ranking position is constantly changing. Best practices which are used today may become irrelevant in the next few months. This is why it is important to have a professional you can rely on, who are experts within the field of everything digital marketing related.
At 23e2 Digital Marketing, we help businesses to enhance their online presence and drive traffic through our specialization in the best practices of SEO, Web Design, SEM, and Digital Marketing. Our team of SEO experts will help your business stand out amongst the competition by using proven methods to help your business in Montreal reach the top of the search results.
If you are interested in driving traffic to your business with SEO, we can help!

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you reach the top of the search engines!

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