10 Factors of high conversion websites (Infographic)

When it comes to making your website the best, you need to find a way to get a good high conversion rate.


Using the website should be easier for the user to access in terms of navigating through the website. This means you got to think like a customer when designing the website. As the developer, you got to think about the user experience and how the user will navigate through the website. Satisfying the user is the objective here.

The most important things should be easier to find. One of the ways you can make it simpler is by adding a sidebar and footer where the user can find the links they want easier. This ensures high website conversion. Pages like the contact page, product page or any other page that is the main page are the main pages that will get you income and have to be easy to find. 

Another thing is that when it comes to your navigation bar, make sure it is seeable and it is organized, so the user knows where to go when finding the page they want. This helps find the landing pages that the user wants. When designing putting the pages in the navigation, think where the page should be located. For example, it could be under services or it could be its own page like about. You don’t want to put an “about” page under services.


On your website, you don’t want to make it complicated when allowing the user to find the page they want. You don’t want it to make it hard for the user to find the page. The navigation should be easy to locate like on top of the page where it is visible. Also, each page should be in the right section. For example, if you are a plumbing company. You should be able to find the services that the company does under services. It should allow the user to land on the page they want and then navigate to another page.

In terms of the design, the colour scheme should be seeable to the user. This means that the background and text colour of the navigation can’t be the same colour. They should be different colours, but they should blend in together and the menu should be seeable to all. Also, on the menu, make sure the words are simple.

When it comes to the text in the pages, some of the text has links that lead to different pages internally. That means a text on a page that has a link can lead to a different page on the same website. 

Lastly, since people these days are using mobile and tablets instead of desktops, you should simplify for mobile and tablet users. This means it should be responsive to mobile and tablet. It is bad if it is not rendered on the mobile properly. The menus are designed differently on mobile, so they are tightening. In that case, the hamburger menu appears. Make sure that the links are large enough to see for users to tap on them.


Everyone doesn’t always use the desktop all the time. Nowadays, mobile and tablets are used. In that case, websites should be mobile and tablet friendly instead of only desktop friendly. Also, people use different browsers. That should be a factor too. All of this means that your website should be responsive

When designing the website, you got to think about how to show it on a mobile, tablet, and on different browsers. Mobile users are increasing each year, so that means users are on their phone more than their desktop. In addition, Google wants responsive design since it doesn’t create two copies of the website for mobile and desktop. Google says that with a responsive design, it increases conversions. 

For the design part, you gotta make it different for each device because they are all different sizes, but keep the format of where everything is. It is easier to responsive design because it keeps your format, it just changes into a mobile format when using a mobile phone.

For different browsers, it changes depending on the browser you are using. You should focus on cross-browser compatibility. This means that you have to design and functional for all platforms and different CSS3 versions are used. That is why it should be responsive. 


Security on a website is important. We don’t want hackers stealing personal information from your website and from it’s registered users. In that case, you should have good protection like Cloudflare. It makes sure that your website is secure. This means that your website is safe from anyone taking any information away.

If your website involves creating an account, you have to put encrypted passwords, so it will be harder for anyone to steal the password. All user information should be secure in a secure database that is hard to get in.

In summary, make sure that your whole website has security because no one wants their website hacked. Also, the users don’t have to worry about their information being hacked as their information is safe since the website is trusted with security.


When users open up a website, they want it to look visually appealing. Making a website visually appealing is a big factor in creating trust because this is what you look for yourself.  

When visual design, you need 4 basic things. The basics things are : 

  • Colour
  • Pictures
  • Usability 
  • Consistency

When using a colour scheme for your website, you need to think about the colour that catches your eye and helps with the layout of your content. With a color scheme,  the user can tell that time and care has gone into the website.

When it comes to pictures and graphics, a picture is worth 1000 words. You can use photos that were taken in your place of work. You need a good photographer, but as long as your photos show authenticity and good impression. When using non-office photos like stock photos, don’t overuse them. In summary, the better the pictures, the better the website will be.

Examples of usability are: 

  • Buttons stand out
  • Spacing for content
  • Not too much info

Lastly, for consistency, you should make the design consistent for all pages. If you have different layouts for different pages, that means every page is forcing the visitor to relearn where the content is and relearn the design. 


On your website, you don’t want to make it plain. You want to spice things up. To make things spice up, try using different aesthetics.  Aesthetics is when you make something into art.

One thing you can do is play around with the fonts. For example, you can make the font small, but it is noticeable that it has detail in it. As long, it is professional, it is good. Put your time and effort into it.

Your website needs flow. That means navigation.  It should not go all over the place. Going with the flow is art. It shows beauty when going to the page you want to. You want it to be straightforward and easy for the customer. 

When it comes to your branding, your website should reflect it. With a good looking logo, it makes the customer or user appreciate the website and its beauty. It gives a good vibe for your website. Also, it shows off the beauty of your personality.

Lastly, flexibility is key. Be different from your competitors. Set your business apart from others. As long as you have your goal and strategies and your website is unique in colour, design etc, your business will be booming.


Having a unique website is good because it sets you apart from everyone else. But, a website should feel familiar that a first time user can browse through easily. Users are looking to find stuff quickly and confidently. You don’t have to use a boring design for the user to find stuff quickly, so you can innovate your website.

The first thing is logo placement. Logos are usually placed in the upper left. With the user open multiple windows, the logo is always on the top left. Having the logo in the upper left will help keep the windows in order.

The second thing is link styling, Everyone has their own style of how they want to style their links. The main thing is to make it a different colour and underlined text. Also, don’t underline words that aren’t links, and avoid using a different colour for texts that are non-links.

Lastly, the buttons. A button is a great feature. Make sure they  are clickable. Make sure all the buttons are the same colour in terms of background and text colour. Also, they should link to something too.


If you have multiple pages on a website, they should not have different formats. The format should be the same. If you keep on changing formats for each page, it doesn’t look appealing to users because they would have to figure where the images and content are. If you change a lot of it,  you will have to relearn how to find the content and images, which is unmotivating

Keeping everything consistent and unique will help the user know where everything is on the page. Also, it is easier for the user to find what they need.


When a website is loading, you want it to load right away. You want a website to load fast because you don’t have a user to wait and not go to your website. Users expect your website to respond fast when using it because of the modern technology we have now. You need to have good hosting when running a website. Also, you need to use google speed tool to check how your website is.  If you use WordPress, there are plugins you can use to make it faster. It all matters what you use on your website. A template can affect the speed of your website because of features that come with it. In addition, you think about:

  • Carousels (sliders)
  • Image sizing
  • Hosting Networks

In the end, a slow website won’t guarantee you many users, which can affect your SEO. there are many ways to make your website faster by taking stuff out or adding stuff depending on the situation. 


When finished with your website, you think to leave it for it will get you tons of views. This does not get you a lot of views. Updating it will help you get more views.

Updating the content will help because if you leave it for a while, and you change your hours or how you do things, the users won’t know. You need to update your content up to date, so they know what’s new.

Security is an important thing to update.  This is because if you get hacked, it is going cause issues for your business and clients as their information can be taken. Any hack shows that there is exposure to the security of the website.

Updating the design is important too because you can add new features that make the website more unique and can be updated to date with the content. Also, the theme that is used can be out of date too. Updating it with new trends can make the website better in terms of design and functionality. In addition, maybe the logo changed too. You have to watch out minor changes in your company and industry.

Lastly, the change in mobile responsive.  With updating your mobile responsive website you can:

  • Reach new customers
  • If not updated, can lose revenue
  • Can be more modern and relevant