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Voice Search Optimization in Toronto

Voice technology has been on the rise lately and it will continue to grow. As more voice assistant devices become more popular, it is very important to make your brand voice search ready. Studies have shown that by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches and 2 in 5 people say voice-activated devices are important to their lives. Since 2013 there has been a rise in voice-related commands.

Google, Amazon and Apple are the leading providers in the voice search technology field. There are built-in speech recognition to mobile devices like Siri and Cortana, there are also home hubs such as Alexa and Google home. They all allow people to make search queries verbally instead of typing in a search engine.

Voice Search Strategy Adaptation

Voice search programs are getting better at figuring out what the users are looking for. People usually ask questions with conversational tone when it’s with voice assistance devices and the search engines might not be able to keep up with the difference. The way to optimize your business to voice search will also be different from the current SEO strategy. That is why it is crucial to incorporate voice search marketing strategy to your existing digital marketing. In doing so, you are preparing your business to the ever-changing consumer behaviour. Our customized voice search optimization approach is to help you create the customer experience that is unique and personalized.

What does it involve?

Search queries

Our carefully curated content development is meant to target your audience rather than only to please search engines. Ultimately, why Google favors certain sites more than others is because those sites actually provide useful information to people. Search engines are more likely to rank those sites that give great user experience.


Is your website mobile friendly? Is it optimized for “near me” search queries? If the answers are no to these questions, you will need to work on them to ensure that you are voice search ready. At the same time, other aspects of your site such as featured snippet, mobile-first indexing etc are also key areas of our optimization strategy.

When Siri first came out in 2011, people were still testing and observing. As voice recognition becomes more accurate over the years of transformation, there is an increasing number of users who begin to rely on voice search technology. Research released by Google shows that people use voice search technology because it allows multitasking and instant information. It also empowers people to get information hands -free while driving. While many people are still learning about this new trend, adapting your SEO strategy to tailor voice search can make your business remain on the edge and competitive in your local community.

At 23e2 Digital, we are committed to help our clients to be ahead of the SEO game by providing first-hand information on the latest insights on the current trend and up-to-date optimization strategy. Get started today and be voice search ready!

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