7 ways to make your website standout

Let me ask you a favor, open a new tab, and search on Google “How to make a website”

If you already did the search, you will know how overwhelming it is when there are 1000’s of suggestions but not sure which of them will actually work.

Well I am going to explain just that.

How you can make your website appear different from the rest.

Stay tuned to find out what 23e2 did to make their website standout!

Let’s start off by understanding what web design is.

23e2 website on many platforms

Web design is…

The process of determining and creating the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images of online sites.

There are different areas of web design including

  • Web graphic design;
  • Interface design;
  • Authoring.

It is tricky to create something that would attract and interest visitors and also easy to navigate. Here at 23e2 Business Services, we understand this frustration more than anyone else. We have several clients from all over Toronto who come to us asking for help. Therefore, we have put together some tips and best practices to help you and others with web design.

what is web design
planning website design at 23e2

1. Having A Plan!


The first thing you should have before you start designing is to have a plan. You need to first understand the purpose of the site and content that the visitors would view.

Ask your yourself why you are creating this site? What are the visitors going to view on this site? What type of people would this attract?

If you already have a website and want to improve on it, you could even interview your customers on why they decide to go from a visitor to a customer to further understand why and what they found appealing about you site.

 2. Photos  


“A picture tells a thousand of words”. picture can help you convey what words cannot. They can capture the users attention, and provide further detail and content.


It is important to use original photos and not stock images. You want you site to look genuine. You should use images that ideally portray you company and office.

Social media icons in Completecare website

3. Social media


It’s important to have social sharing buttons on you site. They are icons of different social media site of you choice that allows social sharing with your customers.


Social media is important in the society we live in today. They are a tool that allows the company to share information and attract new customers.

4. Easy navigation


It’s important to have easy navigation on your site. If customers can’t get the hang of your navigation system they would lose interest quickly.


Make your navigation as simple as possible. You should have more than seven items in your menu, and try to be as descriptive as possible in your labels. This will encourage your users to stay longer than five seconds.

color wheel



You want to pick one dominant color to use for you site and brand, and have complementary colors to fit the scheme. This allows your site to look presentable and would help attract the attention of users.



Custom Illustrations are good to have on sites; they are great for decoration purposes but can also aid you in keeping visitors on your site.


You can hire illustrators to design pieces that would fit your company and would attract the attention of users

Responsive designs

We live in a society that is dependent on our mobile devices. It is important for the company’s site to be mobile friendly. It is important and necessary for every website to accessible on computers, tablets or phones.

Responsive designs are an important factor for websites because this provides easy access on all devices for users and customers.

With these tips you should be able to create or improve your site to increase the interests of you users. If you have any questions regarding this article or anything comments you have about what you just read. Please feel free to contact us!

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