User Experience Design

When any product or service is made, there has to be any process that has to go through it. One of the important parts of a product is design. This is where User Experience Designers come in.

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience Design is the process of making sure that users have easier and relevant experience when using the app, website, etc. During the design, we have to make sure that users have accessibility, useability and appeal within the product that is being used. User Experience Design surrounds and uses Human-Computer Interaction design and all other parts of the product or service. The focus is on the user. In addition, it makes their life easier with the product or service. User Experience Designers work with the brand, business, etc to match the needs of users.

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Elements of What User Experiences Designers Do

user experience design


Before you start designing you need to start research about what the product or service is. In addition, designers need to know whom the product and service is intended for in terms of age. This is very critical because it helps with knowing what design you want, how you want it etc. Types of research include Human-Computer Interaction, User Research, Visual Design and Information architecture. Lastly, designers need to know what the purpose of the application is in order to do more research. It helps make it easier for the designer.

Visual Design

Visual Design is important because the user wants an amazing looking product or service, but also the feel of the product or service. Designers use visual elements like colours, images and symbols to send a message to the user. Also, using visual communication can make the user excited when looking at it.
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Information Architecture

Information architecture is an art and science of making sure that the information in products and service are organized and structured. It helps with usability and findability. This helps makes sure that the data and knowledge are separated from the information. This is information about objects, which can be from websites to software apps. It has metadata, which is used to describe objects like people documents etc. In addition, it shows the navigation for the pages.

Interaction design

Interaction is a vital part of the user experience. User experience designs help with making sure that there is a center between the users and the product or service. The purpose of this is to make sure that making a service or product that is efficient and allows the users to achieve what they want better than expected Improving user experience has made user experience designers wanting to match user’s expectations and meet the latest user interaction patterns. Design has multiple aspects to it. It can be from motion graphics design to programming.
elements of interaction design
elements of usability


Usability makes sure that users are able to achieve their goals with effectiveness, efficiency and happiness without any problems. It is with all tools used by humans like phones, mice, laptops etc. It can be digital or non-digital. It is a small part of the user experience and it connects with it. It helps because of humans’ ability to use an application or system.


This makes it easier for the user to ease of reach, use and understanding. For the user experience designers, it has been related to the information and features of the service or product. They have to make sure it is for everyone, not just a specific type of person.
user experience design
user experience design

WCAG compliance

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps with a lot of recommendations to make the website content accessible. It makes it easier for users. Making the content 

There is a lot of work that goes into designing a product or service. That’s why have user experience designers that do all of these elements to make sure that the product or service is good for the user and making they have a good experience using it.

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