7 Ways Your Website Can Help Your Sales Skyrocket

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Your website is the first thing your customers see of your business. This is because when your customers are searching online for a product or service you offer, they will most likely find your business first from search engines such as Google.
This is where having a high-quality website can help enhance your online presence and drive more sales for your business.

Why you need a website for your business

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Your website is the foundation of your business’s online presence, as all your marketing efforts will lead users back to your website. According to a study, “Nearly 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses.” This means if you don’t have an appealing website or a website at all for your business, you are missing out on a lot of customers who might be interested in the products and services you offer.
In this article, we will be exploring 7 ways you can use your website to help make your sales skyrocket!

1) Create a contact page for users to contact your business quickly

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You want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to contact you, especially if they are interested in your products or services and want to learn more. The quicker you can address your customers’ concerns, the more likely it is to make a sale. Besides just having your customers contact you, your Contact Page will serve as an effective source for collecting information about your customers (name, email address, how did they hear about your business, etc.), which you can use later to connect with them and understand their needs better.

2) Showcase testimonials

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Build trust with your visitors by providing testimonials on products and services which you have provided before. Having a third-party share their experience working with your business helps strengthen the legitimacy of your business and help new customers understand the values that your business can bring to them. You can create a page specifically for testimonials, or add it to your other pages such as About Us, Product Pages, etc.

3) Create content for specific needs

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  Your content is what keeps your customers engaged on your website. The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they will convert into a sale. To achieve this, you will need to consistently provide unique and valuable content that leaves your audience wanting more. You can create content around specific products and services your business offers or interesting topics related to your industry.

4) Install live chat

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With live chat, you can easily enhance your customers’ experience on your website, as well as leaving a strong impression by responding to your customers’ concerns ASAP. The faster you can respond to your customers’ questions, the more likely it will lead to a sale. Implementing a live chat helps improve engagement with your customers and allows you to address your customer’s pain points immediately. When you are not available to respond to a question, you can set up an automated bot to help direct users to other resources on your website that might help answer their questions. The more touch points you have with your customers, the more likely it is for them to convert into a sale.

5) Create a value proposition

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When someone visits your website for the first time, you need to clearly inform them about what your business can do for them. To do this, you will need to have an effective value proposition. “ A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged.” Meaning you need to inform your visitors in a few sentences why your business is the best choice for them by communicating the benefits that your business provides. With a value proposition, it lets your customer know what they can expect from your business.

6) Appealing website design

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According to a study, “38% of people will stop engaging with a site if it has an unappealing design.” Your website is a reflection of your brand, this means if you have an unprofessional-looking website, your customers may also view your business as unprofessional. This is why it is important to have an appealing website design. Some ways to improve the appeal of your website are to have a clean layout, use high-quality images, fast loading speeds, create seamless navigation to guide users through your site, provide a user-friendly experience across all devices, implement CTA buttons, and other elements that will enhance the users experience on your website.

7) Optimize your website for the search engines

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Appearing on the first page of the search results can help significantly boost the organic traffic to your website. To achieve this, your website needs to be optimized for search engines such as Google, so that it can properly index your website to see if it is relevant to what users are searching for. This process is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. To put it simply, SEO is an on-going process where different elements of your website need to be consistently updated so that it increases the chances of your website’s appearing on the first page of the search results. By ranking on the first page of the search results, not only will you be increasing traffic to your website, but also, increasing the credibility of your business, as well as increasing sales for your business.

Key Takeaways

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of your business’s website, here are some key takeaways from this article to help your website maximize its sales potential:
  • Make the process of contacting your business as easy as possible. Additionally, your contact page is a great source for collecting information about your customers, so that you can connect with them to better understand their needs or inform them about a new product or service in the future.
  • Showcase testimonials from previous customers about their experience with your company. This increases the credibility of your business as well as providing a non-biased perspective about the products or services which you offer.
  • Install live chats: Enhance your customer service experience by implementing live chats to answer your customers’ questions immediately.
  • Write a value proposition that clearly communicates the values that you can be to your customers.
  • Use attractive website designs to keep users engaged on your website.
  • Optimize your website for SEO to enhance its visibility on the search engines.
Remember, your website plays an important role in driving customers to your business, without it you will be missing out on a lot of potential sales. Start implementing some of these tips today and watch your sales skyrocket!