Website maintenance is crucial to keep up with the competitive online market. Content gets outdated, quality of images and multimedia needs improvement constantly. At 23e2 we not only work on updating the content, but also monitor for bugs and errors and also website availability.

Website maintenance provided by 23e2 includes

Content update

Review of website content such as previously posted blogs and update the necessary outdated areas and publishing new blogs to keep up with the developing market area(niche). Blogs also attract spam comments, we make sure the blogs are kept clean of such spam content by reviewing them

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Technical support and bug fixes

Websites are prone to bugs, broken links and other site errors that can bring the site down. We continuously monitor the site availability and attend to any errors that arise during our maintenance period. Broken links can hinder the user experience by taking them to 404 pages. However we run routine checkups frequently to find such links and eliminate them

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Page speed optimization

With the ever increasing internet speeds, page loading speed needs to be reviewed periodically as it affects user experience and affect bounce rates. We make sure the web pages are loaded without significant delay.

Plugin updates

Updates need to be installed to the plugins of your website inorder to address security issues and improve the efficiency of the code so that your website runs seamlessly
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website back up

Regular backups

We make sure to take periodic backups of all websites we manage as a precaution in unfortunate situations where website data may be lost or changed due to a malicious attack.

Managing hosting environments

We take authority in managing your hosting service to provide a high available site without any issues. Your hosting service needs to be monitored for any memory issues and payment due dates for a smooth running website.

23e2 works with a variety of businesses, and with the acquired expertise, we offer advice on updating the website and design to suit the latest trends in your particular niche.

As part of our maintenance package, we also closely monitor sites with reporting tools such as Google analytics, Google search console and Moz in understanding user behaviour as well as site errors. This gives us insight as to what needs improvements and whether the changes done has any effect on the number of visitors.

While we keep a close eye on the site performance, as a client you have the ability to download reports and to check performance and using them in future business planning.

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