If you are setting up a website, and you are looking for online presence, you need to invest on a reliable and secure hosting service which offers value. Out of the types of hosting services available, cloud hosting is by far the most reliable as they offer redundancy.


GoDaddy is one of the best hosting services for small and medium businesses. Having worked with GoDaddy for years, we can recommend that they are very reliable, providing a speedy and great customer service.
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Storage disk space

The disk space needed depends on the content such as media files and webpages. The space required therefore varies from one website to another. 23e2 will advise on the best package you need to host your website.

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Unmetered bandwidth and superior load times

GoDaddy offers unmetered bandwidth for your website meaning that your website will not shutdown or charged for a heavy traffic flow. This is a great feature that allows you to have promotional campaigns with no additional cost for bandwidth.

99.9% uptime

This means the network and server uptime that Godaddy guarantees is the industry standard of 99.9%. Additionally they also support 24/7 technical support services.
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Privacy and security

Two essential features that should be focused on but often overlooked. Godaddy includes SSL certificates and virus protection which scans your website daily for any malware.

Business email account

With a domain name, you will also get a business email under the domain registered. Dodaddy allows email access through CPannel and common email clients

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payment plans

The type of hosting depends upon the size of your business, the content that will be added to your site, whether your website would be built with wordpress etc. Usually small and medium sized businesses can be hosted in the basic and medium size packages. However if your site needs to have rich graphics and video, VPS – Virtual Private Servers would be needed. 23e2 will however advice on the best package after studying your requirements.

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