How To Create And Use A YouTube Channel For Your Business

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Here are a few easy steps to start your YouTube channel:

  1. Create a professional google account – A google account is necessary to create a YouTube channel. So when you’re trying to create a channel for your business you should create a google account only for your business needs. 
  2. Create your YouTube account – Once you have your google account all you have to do is go to YouTube click on the avatar in the right-hand corner and create your channel with whatever name you choose. 
  3. Customize your channel – This is where you can add your account logo, background picture for the page, and write more about your business in the about me section (include your website, location, keywords, and phone number here). 
  4. Check out the profile – The way your channel looks can differ depending on the device it’s viewed on so look at your profile through things like phones, tablets, and desktops to ensure everything looks like you envisioned. 
  5. Add other administrators – If you want other people to help you run this channel you can add them as an administrator. Just go to Settings >> Add Manager >> Add Email and you’re golden. 
  6. Upload your first video – Once you have your channel it’s good to quickly upload your first video. If you wait too long you lose the timing and will feel less motivated to start this task for your business. 
  7. Plan your channel – Running a YouTube channel is hard but knowing exactly what direction your channel is going can help lessen some of that burden. If you plan out your videos and its topics ahead of time you know what to prep for. 
  8. Verify your channel – Once you have over 100 000 subscribers you can verify your YouTube channel. This shows that your channel is popular enough to gain a verification status which helps give your business a better name. 
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Why should you use a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is a great way to advertise your business. A large demographic uses this platform as opposed to Instagram where it’s tailored to the younger generation. With higher traffic to your videos, you have a higher chance to gain more customers for your business. When you get subscribers you also have a better idea of the people interested in your products and this can help you create a more effective marketing campaign. When you know who to target a lot of things become simpler. Your viewers will also spread the news of your product through word of mouth doing part of the job for you. Most people would rather watch a short video than read a long article about the product. Most people are visual learners so use that to your advantage. If you use a platform effectively that your competitors aren’t as familiar with then you have a better chance of stealing customers from them over time.

What videos can you post?

Depending on the business and the services offered there are different ways to use Youtube to your advantage. 

  1. Product Info – When you don’t have the product the next best thing is to watch a video about the product and how it’s being used. It can be a great way for potential customers to experience using the product without having to buy it. Create a video about what it would be like unboxing the product, putting it together and using it for people to have better clarity on the item.
  2. Review Videos – Having well-known YouTubers review your products can be a great way to advertise your products to millions of their followers. Most potential customers use this platform and they’re more likely to buy a product from someone they trust like a YouTuber who has their admiration. 
  3. Animated Videos – If a product or service is hard to properly video its fine to do an animation for it. This differs from the mainstream videos and can offer a respite from the same old stuff. Animated videos can be packed with information, be more catchy with a song or can just be a quick overview. 
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How to make a good youtube channel?

Anyone can make a YouTube video but if you want to compete against other people you need to step up your game. 

  1. Bait with your title – If you want people to click on your video your title has to be something people want to listen to. Get them hooked with an interesting topic that you can explain in the video.
  2. Keywords – No video is done without keywords in the title and description. How can people find a video if it doesn’t show up when searched? Look into what your main demographic is interested in and make a video with that topic in mind. 
  3. Create a channel trailer – This is a short video to give an overview about your channel and why people should be watching it. This is a self-introduction and lets viewers know what you can offer. 
  4. Ask for Subscribers – This is a great way to estimate how many people are interested in the content you’re making and will be interested in viewing more if they were created. These are the people you can target to make a profit. 
  5. Create Content Regularly – The more videos you create the more people will see them. This is because people have short attention spans so if you don’t create interesting content regularly people lose interest. 
  6. Run Contests – Everyone likes to get things for free so use that incentive to advertise your business further. Having monthly draws for products using the subscribers’ list can be a great way to get started and gain more followers. 
  7. Share on other platforms – You don’t just create youtube videos for youtube it can be used to advertise on other platforms as well such as Facebook, Instagram, your website, etc. It depends on the video itself.
  8. Reference other videos – If someone likes one of your videos there is a good chance that they’ll like other videos from your channel as well. So have clickable links that can take viewers to there once the video is done. 

How do you make money using youtube?

If you want to take it a step further and make some money using a YouTube channel here are a few things to do to get started. 

  1. Join as a YouTube Partner – This helps you gain money through the videos posted. If your viewers combined spent 4000 hours watching your content for the next 12 months and you get 1000 subscribers then you can become a YouTube Partner
  2. Sell your products –  Using the merchandise shelf option you can sell your products through your videos. As long as you’re over 18 years old and have 10 000  subscribers this is possible for your business. 
  3. Link to your website – If your products can be bought online through your website then have a link that will take interested buyers there to make a purchase. This action makes it easier for people to shop for your products. 
  4. Promote your product – Since your business has the products available it is a great idea to mention them during the video in one of the video formats mentioned above. You gain more customers using this method.