How to get verified on Twitter

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Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times.

Over the past decade, social media has become one of the most commonly used things that we use today. Social media platforms are unique as they make it easy to share your thoughts and experiences through posts which can be viewed worldwide. Twitter, one of the social media powerhouses in today’s world, has made it easy for those to express thoughts through tweets. Almost anyone with Twitter can express their thoughts through tweets which can gain traction if their tweets are humorous, insightful or target a significant audience.

Why is Twitter important for your business?

With this platform, Twitter provides an opportunity to anyone who wants to become verified. Becoming verified on Twitter has its perks, as it provides another level of recognition on the platform. With this in mind, your business can use this to its advantage. Being verified not only indicates a symbol of status, but it can also improve trustworthiness for your audience. Trustworthiness is essential for businesses as they seek ways to gain leads and generate customers. By becoming verified on Twitter, your business can stand out to the rest of the competition.
In particular, the main benefits of being verified on Twitter include:
  • More followers
  • More trust and respect from the community
  • Your content can be viewed by the maximum amount of possible users
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Twitter can be used as a business tool for your company.

How can I get verified on Twitter?

Applying to become verified on Twitter is not a difficult process. There are a couple of simple steps that need to be taken to be considered for verification:
  • Completely filling out your profile with a profile picture, cover photo, name, website and bio
  • Adding a verified phone number and confirming your email address
  • Add your birthday
  • Set your tweets to be “public”
  • Visit the verification form on Twitter
By following these steps, your business will get considered for verification.

How can I increase my chances of becoming verified?

To increase your chances of becoming verified, there are a couple of factors that you may need to consider. The most crucial factor is by creating your profile so that it is of public interest. What does public interest mean? Public interest indicates that you or your business is significant in one of the following fields:
  • Music 
  • TV
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Etc… 
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Applying for a Twitter verification can be done in a couple of simple steps.

If your profile falls into an area of key interest, you will be more likely to become verified. Other factors that can improve your chances of becoming verified include:
  • Being active consistently
    • This may sound obvious, but being active on twitter is one of the most important steps in becoming verified. Twitter’s algorithm will almost never select inactive users for verification, so make sure to frequently use your Twitter account.
  • Linking other verified Twitter accounts in your bio
    • By linking other verified accounts in your Bio, you will increase the chances of your account becoming verified. As a business, you can mention companies that you have worked with for recognition.
  • Adding specifics about your organization in your bio
    • By adding things like your company’s establishment date, the amount of customers you serve and the products/services that you sell, the Twitter algorithm will recognize that your business has achievements and recognition.  
  • On the verification form, write an effective pitch in the “why should I be verified?” section
    • In this section, you should talk about how your business has been serving and benefiting customers. You should also talk about why your company is significant through products/services or awards.
  • Put the exact location of your business in your bio
    • Putting an accurate location of your business (city) will allow you to become verified by the Twitter algorithm. 
  • Submit 2-5 links that boost your case to become verified
    • If you can share as many big sources as possible such as major website bylines, author pages, company profile or awards, then your business will only improve its chances of becoming verified.