Benefiting of Facebook and Instagram Advertising

A Facebook page or an Instagram account has many potential benefits for businesses. Despite the benefits which are similar to those of having a website or an advertisement on television, the numbers are unique to Facebook and Instagram. Here are several ways that Facebook and Instagram advertising can benefit a business.

Low-cost Marketing strategy.

Through the platform provided by Facebook and Instagram, marketing activities that would have cost thousands of dollars can take place for a fraction of the cost. Hence, a marketing strategy which targets social media users is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with a limited marketing budget. Furthermore, larger businesses can also trail marketing concepts and themes through Facebook and Instagram before developing bigger campaigns.

Targeted advertising

As Facebook and Instagram can analyze the information of millions of users by the profiles they filled in, and generate posts based on their browsing record. Owners of businesses can pay to use this information to deliver targeted advertising to specific groups. For instance, an Italian restaurant can develop an ad and pay for it to appear only on the pages of those people who live in the region and have listed ‘Italian food’ as an interest and have a preference for posts related to Italian cousine.

Provide customer support

Businesses can usually save their resources by reducing employees’ time spent answering similar inquiries. With Facebook and Instagram, customers can post after-sales questions on those platforms and staff can answer them there or explain frequently asked questions via posts.