Four Reasons Why You Need to Take Facebook Ads More Seriously

A company or business’s Facebook page offers an alternative to traditional advertising strategies like television advertisements. With the growing popularity of online communities, targeting growing consumer spaces can be just what your business needs to explode or maintain steady traffic. An increased traffic flow is not the only benefit that can emerge from Facebook promotion. Here are several ways Facebook advertising can benefit your business.
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1) Low-cost Marketing Strategy

In 2019, the average 30 second advertising slot on television was over $100 000, not to mention that peak televised events like the super bowl can charge into the millions for that same short 30 second slot of airtime. Seeing as streaming services are gaining popularity in comparison to cable tv, your expensive T.V advert might not even reach your target audience. So if T.V advertisements aren’t the “go to” marketing strategy anymore what is? With over 2 billion active users in only the first quarter of 2020, the range of users and potential customers you could reach with Facebook ads is boundless. The consumer pool is much more vast on Facebook than the few hundred or even thousand you can reach with a short promotional clip during a T.V commercial break. So this Facebook option must cost more than televised ads, right? Not even close; Facebook ads on average will run you a cost of around 0.27 cents per click. These ads aren’t just 30 second slots either; ads show up on a users timeline uniform with their other posts. This makes for a visually pleasing delivery method, contrasting the abrupt shift seen on television. Your new ads will not only allow the user to click your link, users are able to share your ad easily with other potential shoppers along with friends inside and outside of their facebook circle; this circulates your advertisement for free. For this reason, Facebook ads are the perfect tool for smaller and growing businesses with a lower marketing budget. Furthermore, larger businesses can also trail marketing concepts and themes through Facebook before developing bigger campaigns. Low advertising cost is only one of the benefits that accompany Facebook ads, and there is much more to think about when marketing your business or product. With your ad now out and available to be viewed and clicked, how do you make sure that it’s reaching who you are paying for it to reach?

2) Targeted Advertising

With Facebook’s high volume of active users, it might seem difficult to control who your ad reaches. Facebook realized with a growing number of users, controlling who sees your advertisements is essential to growth. Facebook uses user location, demographic, connection, behaviour, and interest to direct your advertisements to your target audience, which in turn increases the effectiveness of your paid advertisements. Facebook offers a unique algorithm that can make predictions based on what users purchase, device usage, pages they are following or like, age, and location. This benefits you as a company because the hard work is done for you. Facebook even lets you target people who have already clicked on your ads in the past. Of course, none of this identifying personal information is shared with the advertising company, rather it is an internal process that takes place. Your Facebook ads don’t have to be targeted to all the same groups either. Your various ads may be targeting contrasting users, that isn’t a problem when it comes to Facebook advertising. Perhaps the best part of Facebook’s targeted advertisement style, is that it is automatically included in the ad service. The three groups facebook allows you to target are your core, custom, and lookalike audiences. Your core group is recognized by frequent users or people who already use your product or service. Custom audiences allow you to target those who visit your site but don’t necessarily convert to, or follow through with a sale. And lookalike audiences are members of an untapped potential buyer group with characteristics of your best customers.
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3) High Conversion Rate of Facebook Ads

Let’s say you are a women’s workout clothing company, having your ad for womens sportswear reach millions to billions of users is amazing, but not so amazing if none of them are interested in buying the clothing. You might get a few sparse clicks but that won’t amount to conversion if you aren’t targeting the right people. Going with the women’s workout wear idea, beginning by targeting female identifying users is a place to start. The next step for a womens work out brand would be to target women who like, comment, follow, and engage with posts or pages pertaining to fitness, gyms, or working out. Further, you can develop an ad that only shows up for people who live in areas with places to work out. Finally targeting your current customers friends or those with similar profiles. Targeted advertising isn’t just for a hypothetical womens work out clothing brand though. Maybe you own a restaurant chain and just opened a new location. Instead of only promoting your new location to your followers, let Facebook target the people who live or visit the area that the restaurant is opening in. Even further, you can aim for those in surrounding areas who have an interest in the kind of cuisine your restaurant serves.

4) Provide Customer, and Curator Support

Facebook ads allow you to monitor how your ad is doing, how many clicks are leading to purchases and who your ads are being clicked by most. With this crucial information, you can realign your targets, if it’s doing well, maybe you want to try branching to other users, or if it is not doing well at all, take it down and try again with a separate ad. Providing customer support is also easily done on the site. Businesses can save their employees’s time spent answering similar questions with Facebook. Companies can address common pre sale or post sale questions in a post on the facebook platform. Communication is also very convenient on the platform; if a customer has a question or concern, an employee can easily respond directly or in a post. Let us at 23e2 inc help create, curate, measure and control your next and newest marketing campaign with Facebook ads. Call or email us for more information and to set up an appointment.