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SEO will boost the digital marketing presence of your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a phrase that refers to increasing the amount of quality web traffic to a website or a web page. The goal of SEO is to boost the search engine results ranking of your site, based on certain keywords, quality content and proper functionality. Unpaid traffic is targeted with SEO instead of direct or paid traffic. Here at 23e2 Digital Marketing, we offer a number of SEO services to boost the online marketing presence for our clients. These services can provide your business an advantage by:
  • Improving the visibility of your business
  • Gaining more quality web traffic
  • Increasing your customer base
  • Increasing profits through SEO
  • Making it easy for customers to locate your business information
These services may seem straightforward, but SEO is easier said than done. SEO optimization involves thorough research and attention to detail in order to benefit your business. 23e2 Digital Marketing is precise in our SEO optimization services as we have provided over 1700 businesses with SEO services since 2016. Our clients recognize the improvements that they obtain from our SEO optimization work including more leads, customers and higher profits.
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How does SEO actually work?

When thinking about the role of search engines, we know that search engines want to provide the best service for web surfers. This starts from delivering search results that relate to user searches while also being high quality. To determine which sites fit this criteria, your search engine will scan many websites at once to get a better understanding of what each site is about. The search engine will also determine if your website is using strong keywords, if it is easy to navigate through and how informative the content is. For example, if you want to write an article about how to set up a computer. To maximize the web visibility of your article, you should use a keyphrase such as “set up a computer”, so that whoever searches using this phrase will see your article among the top search results. The more valuable information and strong keywords that your article has, the higher it will rank.

What are the main benefits of SEO?

SEO can benefit your business through a number of ways including:
  • Low-cost, effective marketing strategy: When compared to other marketing strategies such as pay per click (PPC) advertising, SEO focuses on improving your business ranking, while being more cost-effective. Through SEO optimization, your business will be able to increase its search engine ranking without driving up your advertising costs.
  • Boosts your local web traffic: SEO will increase your local web traffic, organically. By having a strong SEO campaign, your business will rank high organically and generate more leads for your company.
  • SEO can improve the reputation of your business: Through SEO, your business will rank higher in the search result rankings, making you stand out to potential clients. In the digital world today, implementing SEO for your business through your website and social media can significantly benefit your business. Ranking at the top of the search results rankings will give you appeal towards customers, without paying additional fees.
  • Easy to monitor over the long-term: SEO can be easily monitored in terms of what your local target audience is searching for. Our team can find the best keywords that have limited competitiveness and implement it for your business. These keywords will go a long way, as they will translate to a large number of leads and sales. With this information, we will also keep you updated on how we can implement these underutilized effective keywords on a month to month basis, which will boost the long-term profitability of your business. 
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SEO contains many benefits as it is low-cost, can boost your local web traffic, can boost the reputation of your business and it is easy to track over the long term.

What steps do we take in our SEO Optimization process?

There are multiple steps that we have to take to optimize SEO for our clients. These steps include:

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Keyword Research

  • Keyword research is one of the main components in SEO. If you want to have a higher ranking in your search engine results, you need to identify certain keywords that your audience is searching for. Having accurate and more common keywords will be easily recognized by your search engine leading to a boost in your search result ranking. 
  •  But how do we find these keywords? There are a couple of steps that we take to identify keywords for your business:
    • Identifying the current search engine ranking of your business
    • Recognize how your competitors are ranking compared to your business
    • Determining the best keywords and keyphrases that relate to your product or service
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Content Mapping

  • Creating informative and accurate content is the next major component in a successful SEO strategy. Our team focuses on creating informative and specific content for our clients so that your web visitors will have a convenient experience upon viewing it. Your website content should answer any questions that web visitors may have about your products or services and it should draw their attention. This will cause web visitors to spend time reading your content and it may even drive them to buy your products or services.
  • When creating content, we also pay particular attention to determining the best SEO keywords and keyphrases for your business. Keywords and keyphrases refer to the most common word/phrase that may be searched for when looking for specific products or services. Creating informative content with strong keywords from keyword research will not only attract more web visitors, but it will also boost your search engine ranking. This will also increase the functionality of your website, making it easy for users to navigate through your website. 
  • Another factor that makes content strong is how often it is updated. While it may be great to create strong content, it is just as important to routinely update your content. This means that your blogs and articles should be updated with new content and links every now and then. This may be tedious and time-consuming, but it will benefit your business, as search engines tend to favour content that is thorough and consistently updated. 
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On-Page Optimization

  • The third component in our SEO optimization process is On-page Optimization. When examining the different elements to a webpage including the Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL structure, Header Tags, Image Tags, Keyword Density and Internal Linking, all of these are important to SEO optimization. Each of these elements must be properly optimized as search engine rankings are based on factors such as speed, mobile friendliness and the site’s overall functionality. 
  • Here are each of the webpage elements broken down: 
    • Title Tag: located on each page, the title tag highlights what a certain webpage is about. The tag must be 70 characters or less and it should include your business name and a keyword from your content. 
    • Meta Description: The meta description gives a general description to your search engine indicating what a certain page is about. The meta description is also commonly used by your web users to better understand what a web page is about. It should include your keyword while also telling readers what your content is about. 
    • Headings and Subheadings: On top of increasing the readability of your content, headings/subheadings can be effective towards your SEO. By using H1, H2 and H3 tags, you can help search engines interpret what your content is about. 
    • Image Name and ALT Tags: When adding images to your blog content or in your website, adding a keyword or keyphrase in the image name and alt tag can benefit your SEO. This will make it easier for search engines to locate your image when a certain keyword or keyphrase is searched.
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Off-page Optimization

  • We already talked about on-page optimization, so now we can move onto off-page optimization. You may not have as much control of this compared to no-page optimization, however, you can build on the off-page factors to boost your search engine ranking. Here are the main off-page SEO factors that can affect your search engine ranking:
    • Trust: Trust refers to whether or not your website can be trusted by visitors. Having a strong trust with your search engine can improve your search engine result ranking. One of the best ways to improve trust is by adding a variety of high quality inbound links to your content.
    • Links: By adding a variety of quality backlinks to your content, you can improve your off-page SEO. To find quality backlinks, trusted sites with strong content will need to be found so that your website can be linked in the content of other pages. 
    • Social Media: Having a strong social media presence will benefit your SEO optimization. By creating quality content on your website and making it easy for readers to share your content, you can build recognition for your website. This will cause search engines to recognize that your content is helpful among web visitors, boosting your search engine ranking in the process.
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Link Building

  • Obtaining high-quality links is another major step in SEO optimization. The goal of this step is to add a good quantity of high-quality links to your content. By building high-quality links as well as a variety of keywords in your content, your Google search ranking will increase. 
  • But what do links mean to your website? Inbound links (aka backlinks) are hyperlinks that direct web traffic from one website to another. Links are a major part of your digital marketing reputation, the more quality links that you have, the better. For example, if you asked five random people that recommended to you that “Bob’s Auto Repairs” is the best vehicle repair shop in your area, the chances are you would go there if you needed to repair your vehicle. But why? The answer is because “Bob’s Auto Repairs” is a reputable business over other repair shops due to the five references that you got. In the same way, links act as references to your webpages and they indicate that your webpages are reputable. This means that the more internal links that your webpage has, the more consideration that your search engine will give you when ranking your page in its search results. 

I want SEO Optimization for my business, what should I do?

If you are ready to implement SEO optimization for your business or want to know more about SEO and how it can benefit your business, feel free to contact 23e2 Digital Marketing. We prioritize the satisfaction for each of our clients by creating a unique SEO optimization strategy for each business. We will provide you with the best SEO services in many locations, including Vancouver.

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