SEO for Tree service businesses
( 7 steps to growing your online rank)

Trees are vital for us as they give us oxygen, store carbon, provide food and home to wild lives. But what do you do in a situation where a tree is growing close to your house and leaning straight towards your roof.
Well, you need to get that tree root removed, right?. Even though there is something sad about cutting or removing trees, you will need to take immediate action when they are a danger to you and your properties.
In situations like this, you would start by Googling tree services near you like any normal person.
If you are a tree service business owner, this is why your online visibility matters. It is highly essential to be visible on the Google search result page for your online business success. When a customer looks up tree services, you want your company to show up on the first result page so they can pick you.
With over 4 billion internet users daily worldwide, if you haven’t thought about digital marketing. This is your sign. Digital marketing has been around for a while and has replaced traditional marketing with its cost-effective, engaging and better audience targeting options.
As a tree service business owner, you should consider investing your time and money towards digital marketing strategies. There are numerous digital marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, paid marketing and SEO.
In this article, we are going to discuss

What is SEO for a Tree Service Company

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of processes that helps websites rank top on search result pages (SERP). By generating organic (unpaid) search results to acquire web traffic. When you learn to optimize your website to gain web visitors, you are opening an opportunity to gaining leads and potential customers by winning over your local competitors.
Let’s see the fundamentals of SEO.

1) Keyword for Tree service businesses

A keyword is a phrase a person looking up on Google inputs to satisfy their search intent. When these keywords are used, they provide search results with your query’s best matches. When you begin marketing online, you need to research and know your keywords that describe your business best and phrases that your target audience uses to look for the service you provide. Keywords highly determine your web visibility. When you integrate the right keyword throughout your web content, the chance your web page will show up on the search result page for the specific query is high. You should begin researching keywords using surveys and collecting data from your target audience or taking advantage of the Google predictive searching tool. In addition to that, you can use an alternative and effective option of using free software like keyword explorer, Keyword research, and Google trends to find the right and trendy keywords.
Use these keywords to integrate them throughout your web content, Title and Meta tags, and URLs.
Wondering what Title and Meta tags are? Coming up

2) Relevant content

Readers like engaging and informative content. When you write your web content, make it relevant to your company’s niche and compose it with a different kind of pictures and visually pleasing infographics to give readers a good time and elongate their session duration. Session duration is the average time a user spends on your web page. You can identify that by viewing your Google analytics.
Before you begin writing on your web page, you should be able to conduct original research. Original research will help you understand your audience better so you can give them what they want. The client base for your tree service business is extensive.
Starting from residential areas, commercial and construction companies, you have the freedom to target clients of any demographic in your local area. You should optimize that to your advantage to create content that covers different types of tree services you provide and make it accessible and relevant for all types of clients.
Good content is informative, straightforward and visually pleasing. When you write your content, don’t forget to add locations, contact information, prices, images, and Keywords for better web visibility and traffic.

2) Target audience

As your work requires taking care of trees by pruning, trimming, diagnosing pest problems and plant diseases, you will need to evaluate your target audience first to market your business successfully.
A target audience is a potential client that may be interested in the service you provide. These audiences have common characteristics like their demographics. Knowing your target audience will help you save time and money, so you don’t lose money on a failed marketing strategy. Having the right audience is essential for one’s business success. As a tree service provider, your target audiences are vast; starting from homeowners, commercial areas, construction companies and land developers, you have job opportunities all year round. But if you don’t know how to reach these audiences, it will be a waste of opportunity.
To learn more details about your audience, start by researching and collecting a large-scale survey and reviews in your local area. You will soon notice patterns in your data to help you deliver your audiences’ wants without assumption. Even though conducting original research is a tedious task, it is essential. You could use customer analytic software with free trials, like Google analytic, to help you analyze clients quickly.

4) URL, Title and Meta tags


If you have been surfing the internet, you must have come across something that starts with HTTP or HTTPS on the web browser. A URL stands for Uniform Source Locator. It is composed of phrases, numbers and symbols. It gives a unique address to a web page or any file on the internet.
So you may be wondering why this is relevant.
Well, the basic structure of a URL contains a domain. The section where it says “SEOfortreeservicecompany” is called a domain name. Your domain name should include keywords that you have selected for better web visibility and traffic on the search engine result page.

Title tag

A title tag is a descriptive title of a specific website visible on a search result page. When a particular keyword is searched, you will notice these titles displayed in larger fonts and clickable headlines of websites. These tags are usually coded on HTML headers and displayed on the search result page and the actual web content.
When title tags contain targeted keywords, they help users get the right match to their query. When you include the proper keywords on title tags, you get a higher Google ranking and web traffic.
However, these titles could get cut off when displayed on the SERP if they are too long since Google shows title tags only of 60 characters. So try to keep your title characters less than 60.

Meta tag

Meta tags are descriptive sentences displayed on a search result page when a particular keyword is searched. These tags are other minor factors that affect your web visibility. You find these meta tags along with title tags on SERP, but unlike Title tags, Meta tags are only displayed on the search result page but not the web content itself. These descriptive sentences help readers get an idea of what your web content is about before they get to click on it. When you include keywords in your Meta tags, it allows Google to analyze your site and label it as relevant and valuable so your page can rank top on the SERP.
“The arrows show where you can identify Title and Meta tags on the SERP.”

5) Acquire backlinks

One of the main factors that affect your web visibility is backlinks. A backlink, hyperlink or inbound links are links you find on a particular web page, and if you click this link, it will lead you to a whole other page. Backlinks are incredibly significant for SEO. the more backlinks you get from websites; the more your Google ranking will be. Backlinks are like a backdoor to your web page to give you an increase in traffic. When you plan to get quality backlinks, you should begin to look for online content relevant to your niche. You can request backlinks from your local online news outlets, real-estate and construction blogs. When you acquire a backlink from a popular online blog, you will also easily access their high web traffic. This will create a familiarity with your brand and eventually gain constant web visitors.
Even though there are paid software platforms that can help you build and analyze backlink profiles like Ahrefs, there are various ways to building quality backlinks for free like,
  • Creating valuable content so other blogs want to link from you.
  • Writing reviews for services within your industry (Tree service) increases your website exposure.
  • Building a network with local news websites
  • Offering backlinks to other web pages to do the same for you 
  • Asking directly for referrals on sites, you are interested in
Learn about why SEO is essential for tree service businesses later on

6) Appealing web designs

Before a reader clicks on your page and begins to read, they will first scroll down and skim through your page. If your page layout is confusing, they won’t keep reading. A good web design should be straightforward, attention grabbing and easy to navigate. A well-curated website design makes reading more enjoyable, which will help you gain more traffic.
A good web design should be,
  • Simple
  • Easy to navigate
  • Represent your brand and contain information your clients need
  • Aesthetically pleasing ( Fonts, colour scheme, Images)
  • Valuable content
  • Web responsive
  • Fast server speed
Website responsiveness of a website is when it is designed to be flexible to fit and adjust into multiple devices’ screens, like phones, computers, and tablets. This will increase a user’s experience on your page wherever they are.
A server speed is when a website doesn’t take too long to load content. It shows how fast your website can process a user’s request. Google recommends website server speed to be 2 seconds at most.
There is various website builders software that is easy to learn. Some of the best software with free trials are Wix and Ukit.

7) Smart promotion

When you are a business owner, you should locate your target audience and know where your audience hangs. Based on your customers’ demographics, there are various media platforms nowadays you can market on like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok.
More than you think, Social media is highly essential in SEO to drive organic search results. Social media doesn’t guarantee web traffic and doesn’t affect your google ranking directly. But the website links, pictures and services you share on your social media platform would indirectly help you acquire web visitors and popularity.
Posting on social media will help you obtain quality backlinks as well. If your post’s content is valuable new posts and bloggers will link your page to theirs, thus high web traffic.
Tips to increasing your social presence,
  • Build your online followers
  • Create relevant, informative and credible content
  • Localize your keywords
  • Analyze your audience and understand their intent
  • Create topics that open discussions among your followers and for you to interact with them
  •  Measure your performance with social media analytic tools like HubSpot, Sprout Social and Hootsuite

How you can benefit from SEO

One of the essential services in our community is a tree service. Tree services offer various kinds of services, ensuring our home’s safety and neighbourhoods in time of disaster while taking care of our trees’ health. Suppose you are a small tree service business owner. In that case, you will highly benefit from SEO. even though learning SEO yourself requires patience, time and commitment, once you have mastered how to market your business using SEO, the results are fruitful.
Some of the benefits of using SEO for your Tree service company are,
  • Ranking high on Google search result page.
  • It makes it easy to analyze your business performance
  • Easier to analyze your target audiences
  • Building close connection with existing and potential clients
  • Increasing your familiarity and credibility
  • Increasing the opportunity to turn leads into customers.

Growing your business with SEO

SEO is the right option if you are looking to increase your online traffic in a cost-effective method. If you took your time to optimize SEO properly, you would gain the right audience, increase your web traffic and turn leads to loyal clients.
When you begin to use SEO for your business, you should answer questions like
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Am I providing relevant content?
  • Is my content engaging?
  • Is my website easy to manage and access?
  • Am I using the right media platform to promote my brand?
We know learning SEO and performing it takes quite a lot of time. That’s why an alternative method of hiring an SEO manager helps you with every optimization there is to do to increase your website visibility, ranking and measure your web performance.
I hope this article delivered essential points you were looking to get you started with SEO.
Ready to start your new project but have a few questions? We are here to discuss.