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23e2 Digital is a SEO company based in Toronto. We offer SEO services to help businesses gain customers online. We don’t just tailor our plans to win the search engines algorithm but convert clients as well. Our SEO Toronto strategies involve:

  1. Gaining your brand more visibility online
  2. Increasing website views
  3. Growing your customer base
  4. Improving your profit through our SEO marketing
  5. Making it easier to find your business information. 

We have years of expertise to count on and software tools at our disposal to improve these factors through SEO. 23e2 Digital Marketing helps with both short and long term growth to offer better revenues for your company. We cater our SEO to the user, not just the search engine which is what makes us so successful in our SEO work. Our clients have noticed that they have gained more leads, more customers, and better profits after using us to help with SEO work.

How do we structure SEO Toronto process to win #1 spot on Google?

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Keywords Research

  • The goal of your SEO campaign is to boost your website’s search engine ranking by using keywords that people are searching for. This makes it essential for you to narrow down the high search volume keywords and to use those keywords to drop in your audience.
  • To discover these keywords, you should:
    • Identify your current search engine ranking 
    • Identify you competition’s search engine ranking
    • Identify new keywords, including action keywords that relate to your product or service

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Content Mapping

  • This is when a plan is mapped out to determine on how to effectively target the keywords in your content and webpage
  • It is essential for your keyword to have a strong presence in both your content and webpages as this will assist in boosting your search engine ranking
  • The goal is to optimize your page with keywords that match your keyword research
    • By doing this, users will be able to navigate through your site easily

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On-Page Optimization

  • There are 7 elements to a webpage: Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL structure, Header Tags, Image Tags, Keyword Density and Internal Linking
    • These elements are all evaluated by search engines based on site speed, mobile friendliness and the issues that your site may have

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Link Building

  • This is a key step in SEO as high quality links will boost your Google search ranking
  • To succeed in this step, strong content quality is required along with the variety of keywords that should appear in your content 


Here are some of our most frequently asked SEO Toronto Campaigns questions and answers

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings and gaining web traffic for your business. The generated web traffic is very specific and high-intent. This means that you are not only getting a lot of traffic, you are getting traffic that relates to the service that your business provides.This web traffic from SEO will help your business is building its online presence by generating more sales and customers.

SEO is the most effective method to help you gain a lot of organic traffic. In a search query, the first-ranked result will attract the most web traffic at about 33% of searches, while the fifth-ranked result will only generate about 5% of traffic. It means that by being higher up in the search engine rankings, you will gain more business through the implementation of SEO.

SEO may sound like an intriguing opportunity for your business, but is it really worth it? Yes it is because it can give your company a major competitive advantage. Previously, companies would use billboards and advertisements to promote their products and services. Times have changed however with the world becoming more technologically advanced, as 63,000 Google searches take place each second today.

On top of this, more than 40% of online revenue is obtained from organic search traffic. This demonstrates how relevant SEO is in digital marketing today. SEO also has the highest conversion rate over traditional methods such as print advertising. SEO is more than 7 times as effective as print advertising (14.6% compared to 2%) which means that your business is much better off using SEO over other methods.

It should also be noted that the average SEO campaign generates an ROI of 135% making it one of the best investments that your business can make.

When using SEO you should create a strategy that tailors to your business. You should prioritize understanding your potential customers needs and adapting your website and its content to fit that criteria. This means that your SEO technique must be on-page and off-page.

A good SEO strategy includes building an optimized website that can load quickly, match keywords correctly and adjust its display based on the device. Making sure that your loading time is fast is key, as if the waiting time is over 4 seconds, you could lose the majority of your potential customers(90%).

In terms of the content for SEO, your content should display why your product and services are useful and unique over your competitors. It should also answer all of the questions and demands that your audience seeks. Matching content and demand is crucial for SEO to be utilized effectively.

Finally, your SEO strategy should utilize linking. This means that your website should include internal and external links on your website, as well as a reference of the websites that link your content to them. Links can help your business in demonstrating its validity and detail to your targeted audience.

To improve on your SEO performance, you should set accurate business goals and then work towards those goals through SEO. You should examine trends in your campaign and determine how to improve it based on those trends. For example, if your loading page is taking too long to load, determine how to make it load faster.

You can also identify the keywords that you are using and examine if they assist your site in SEO. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your site’s content, as this is one of the primary ways in boosting web traffic. You should also identify if these keywords are translating into results for your business.

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