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Over the years, the methods of marketing have evolved with the emergence of technology and the internet. Only about 15 years ago, the billboards and newspaper ads appeared as the best and most common advertising method for businesses. Fast-forward to today and now we see that marketing has shifted to digital approaches for businesses, with most of them focusing on creating websites and utilizing social media platforms to advertise their services.
Throughout the late 1990s and into the 2000s, many businesses utilized two primary methods of advertising: billboards and newspaper ads. Both of these methods of advertising were effective and it generated opportunities for businesses to gain customers. However, Now that we are in 2020, the way that businesses reach out to their target markets has changed. With the rise of technology, advertising has evolved into new approaches such as digital marketing.
Regardless of the method of advertising, businesses have always had the same goal, that being to attract customers and persuade them into making a purchase. Digital marketing fulfils this goal, as businesses can conveniently interact with customers right at the moment when they are looking to purchase a product or service. The most common channels of digital marketing in today’s world come in the form of websites and social media accounts. Having a poorly designed website can put a business at a significant disadvantage.  This is where 23e2 Digital Marketing comes in. Our team at 23e2 Digital Marketing provides a variety of digital marketing services including Web Design, SEO, Google Ads Management, Google My Business (GMB) Optimization, and many more.
Since 2016, we have served over 1700 businesses across the GTA, in locations including Ottawa.  Our digital marketing services generate the best results for our clients, as we aim to gain the most conversions for our clients. If you have any questions about our digital marketing services, do not hesitate to contact us.
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We provide the best SEO service for businesses in Ottawa.

Here at 23e2 Digital Marketing, we prioritize our clients so that their businesses can succeed. We have provided SEO services for businesses all across the GTA and they have experienced an increase in customers and an increase in revenue for their products/services. SEO services can also allow your business to:
  • Improve your business presence on the internet
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic
  • Reach out to your target markets and grow your customer base
  • Gain more leads and sales
  • Boost your customer outreach by making it convenient for them to contact you online

What is SEO?

As we talked about earlier in this article, digital marketing has become a near-necessity for most businesses in today’s world. Without a strong online business presence, it will be difficult for your business to succeed. However by utilizing a digital marketing method such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it puts your business in pole position to improve its online presence. SEO is a digital marketing method that focuses on improving SERP (Search engine results page) ranking for your business. By improving your business’ online presence, you will gain more conversions. You may be wondering, how is your SERP ranking scored? Google examines a large number of factors such as keywords, level of content detail and the user experience of your website, it then assigns it with a ranking.
However, even though SEO can improve your SERP ranking, the process is not always ‘written in stone’. The SEO optimization process can take a considerable amount of time, ranging from six months to as long as two years. One of the reasons for this is due to the frequent changes in the SERP ranking factors, as they are updated and altered from year-to-year. This means that you need to pay close attention and be consistent when conducting SEO optimization, or you may not experience the results that you expect.
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SEO can be a timely process, but it is one of the best ways to improve the digital marketing presence of your business.

Is SEO worth the time?

A valid question to ask is whether SEO is truly worth spending up to two years for? The simple answer is yes, as it is one of the only methods that can bolster your online business presence to new heights. When someone wants to purchase a product or service, the first thing they do is to hop onto Google Search and search for it. More specifically, over 40,000 Google searches take place each second! Another interesting fact is that more than 50% of all web traffic comes from organic searches. This indicates that the internet is the best way of propelling your business into success. Since the main priority of SEO is to generate organic search traffic for your website, this makes it vital as a digital marketing strategy.
SEO also has a conversion rate of 14.6%, this makes it the most efficient marketing method over every other method. To put this into perspective, the average print advertising marketing campaign has a conversion rate of 2%, demonstrating that SEO has an effectiveness that is seven times as great. SEO is also convenient for businesses to implement as: it is free of cost, it can improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic, it can strengthen your business reputation and it is easy to track and make improvements to your website.

How do we conduct SEO Optimization for your business?

Now we can get into the main breakdown of our SEO optimization process. To get your business optimized for SEO, our team keys in on a specific optimization process. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how we will conduct SEO optimization for your business:
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Keyword Research

  • The first step in our SEO optimization is the step of keyword research. The objective of keyword research is self explanatory: to identify the best keywords that relate to your products/services. Using research tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, we analyze various factors such as relation to your services and the level of competitiveness, before picking out the best keywords that relate to your business.
  • Once we determine the best keywords for your business, we will utilize them when applying them to your content in the next step of the optimization process. By applying these keywords, your content will be readable and engaging for your website visitors.
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Content Mapping

  • Before creating your content, we will use content mapping. Content mapping is a method to identify the best keywords for your business, then to determine the best ways of creating content to engage with your target market. The main goal of this step is to gain the engagement of your web visitors through your content and to get them to complete a conversion. 
  • Upon the creation of your content, it is just as important to keep it updated. Updating your content is particularly beneficial as Google prioritizes freshly created content instead of outdated content. By updating your content from time to time, your SERP ranking can maintain and even rank even higher.
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On-Page Optimization

Now that the content has been successfully created, your webpage will need to begin to become optimized. This is where the optimization of your on-page elements begins. Each of these elements are optimized differently, in the following ways:

  • Title Tag: The title tag indicates the main subject of a webpage and it is located at the start of each webpage. The title tag itself must be less than 70 characters.
  • Meta Description: When determining the content of your webpage, your search engine analyzes your meta description. The meta description acts as a signal for your search engine to identify what your webpage is about.
  • Headings and Subheadings: Organizing your content into paragraphs using headings and subheadings is valuable for SEO optimization. By using H1, H2 and H3 tags for SEO optimization, the validity of your content can be assessed. 
  • Image Name and ALT Tags: You can add keywords/keyphrases to your image name and ALT tags, to make it even more convenient for Google to rank your web page. 
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Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization may not be as direct as on-page optimization, however, it can be just as effective for your business. A variety of factors should be optimized to fulfil the off-page optimization of your website. These key off-page optimization factors that you should consider include:

  • Trust: Building ‘trust’ with your consumer is exactly what this factor revolves around. The level of trust that your website has can determine how reputable your website is to your SERP and the visitors of your website. The best way of building trust is by gathering high-quality inbound links. This will improve your SERP ranking as a result.
  • Social Media: Being active on social media by frequently creating content is another important component of off-page optimization. By creating posts rountely, you can expand your customer outreach and improve your SERP ranking.
  • Links: Going back to the factor of ‘trust’, we mentioned the importance of having high-quality inbound links. Adding these links can contribute to your off-page optimization and boost the favourability to your SERP ranking.
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Link Building

  • Getting links that can support your content is the goal in the ‘link building’ step. Acquiring high-quality links to articles and blogs that present detailed content and adding them to your website can further improve the quality of your content. The best type of links to utilize in this scenario are Inbound links (aka backlinks) which can act as a reference to your content as a hyperlink. The larger the amount of inbound links that other websites use to reference your website, the more favourable your website will be when being ranked by the search engine.
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I want SEO optimization for my business, what can I do?

We provide a variety of SEO services such as:


  • To create easily optimizable SEO content, blogging is one of the best methods in doing so. When creating content, it is important that your content is detailed and catches the reader’s attention by incorporating your keywords. If your content is successfully created, it will provide valuable information to customers while also putting your keywords/keyphrases on display. As a result, your blog will conveniently work based on SEO’s principles.

Local SEO:

  • Local SEO is a method of marketing your local business to a certain location. If you want to market your business towards a locally targeted area, Local SEO is a useful opportunity for you to put your business on display to local consumers. As a result, your locally targeted consumers will seek out your business over your competitors that do not implement local SEO.

SEO Audit and Optimization:

  • An SEO Audit is an audit that considers both on-page and off page factors. SEO audit can help you in determining what is causing your SERP page to rank high or low.

Web design and development:

  • When web users click on your website, the last thing you want is an ugly and non-functional website. This is where web design and development come in. Web design is responsible for making your website look good, while web development ensures that your website is easy to operate. Of course, it is more complex than this, but an undeniable fact is that web design and development are both required for your website to engage customers. By getting web design and development services for your website, it will also improve your SEO rankings as the more engaged customers are, the longer they spend on your web pages. When Google evaluates the SERP ranking of your website, the longer customers spend on your website, the more reputable your website is to Google’s SERP ranking system.

SEO Copywriting

  • To check if your content is informative and optimized for SEO, SEO copywriting is an effective method. SEO copywriting ensures that your content is original, detailed and follows the suitable SEO principles such as keyword density.

Site Speed Optimization

  • When users click on your website, you do not want them to wait a long time for it to load. Site Speed Optimization focuses on avoiding this by making sure that your website and web pages load quickly. As a result, your bounce rate will decrease and your conversion rate will increase, both of which can improve your SERP ranking. When conducting site speed optimization, particular elements such as plugins, images and videos will be optimized so that your webpages will not take long to load up.

International SEO

  • If you have a target market in another country, international SEO is the best method of advertising your business to them. International SEO is conducted by developing your SEO campaigns using local SEO, domains, geo-targeted keywords and keyword research conducted for the specific country.

Need reliable SEO services in Ottawa?

We hope that you have obtained a greater understanding of how SEO works, its principles, our optimization process and how it can benefit your business. If you have questions regarding anything SEO, feel free to contact us. Our team at 23e2 Digital Marketing provides the best digital marketing and SEO services for clients across the GTA, including Ottawa!

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