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When we go back to a time 15+ years ago, businesses got customers to purchase their products through advertising. The most common way of advertising in those times came in two major forms: billboards and newspaper ads. However, with a technological shift now in 2020, businesses are utilizing digital approaches to reach out to customers. These digital approaches include creating websites and creating social media accounts to advertise their services
Though the marketing approaches may have changed with technological advances, the end goal is still the same: to get your targeted customers to complete a purchase. Digital Marketing also takes this one step further by being available to customers when they require their services. For example, a customer can search up “tires near me” and determine the best businesses that offer tires nearby. As mentioned earlier, the most frequently used digital channels that are used by businesses in today’s world are search engines and social media, which can be used for any business type. With this evolution of marketing, 23e2 Digital Marketing has been able to provide over 1700 businesses with digital marketing services including:
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  • Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google My Business (GMB) Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Our team has served clients  in many locations located across the GTA, including Hamilton. This has led to more conversions for our client businesses, allowing them to advertise their services on the internet. If you need digital marketing service for your business, feel free to contact 23e2 for more information!

We provide SEO service in Hamilton.

Here at 23e2 Digital Marketing, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best SEO services so that their businesses can thrive. SEO can provide your business with the following advantages:
  • Boosting the digital appearance of your business to users
  • Gaining more quality and quantity of web traffic
  • Growing your customer base
  • Creating more conversions + leads, resulting in more profit
  • Making it convenient for customers to contact you once they find your business listing

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing methods available to businesses today. SEO aims to build up the online presence of business, so that they can improve their SERP (Search engine results page) ranking. This will allow your business to attract more customers on the web and encourage them to complete a conversion. SEO has a direct impact on your SERP ranking as it will impact your search engine ranking factors. These factors include your keywords, the level of detail in your content and how user-friendly your website is.

On paper SEO may seem like a standard and simple process, it can be more complicated than perceived. Despite the significant benefits, SEO can take anywhere from six months to two years before your business sees a rise in its SERP ranking. But why is this? The reason why it takes a long amount of time is due to the fact that SEO optimization requires consistent research and attention when it comes to understanding and adapting to its ranking factors.

How does SEO relate to the SERP ranking of your business?

Now that you have a better understanding of what SEO is, we can take a deeper dive into how SEO has an influence on your SERP ranking. Your SERP ranking is based around a number of significant factors. User experience is one of the major factors that Google analyzes when ranking your website. User experience is a factor that indicates how user-friendly your website is. Google will particularly examine your keywords and the detail of your content. With keywords presented in your content and if your content is descriptive, then Google will favour your business when ranking your website.
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SEO can be a timely process, but it will heavily benefit your business if successful.

What advantages will SEO bring for your business?

SEO can directly benefit your business and carry many advantages over traditional marketing strategies. Some of the advantages of SEO include:
  • SEO is cost-free: While most marketing strategies require a fixed cost, SEO is completely free for every business, regardless of industry, business size and all other factors.
  • Improves the quality and quantity of your web traffic: SEO optimization keys in on improving your organic search ranking. By doing this, more local customers can find your business and contact you for your services.
  • Increase in your business reputability: As SEO is implemented for your business, its online reputation among your target audience will be positive. Once your web traffic begins to generate conversions, your customers will begin to refer you to their friends and the online perception of your business will improve, along with your SERP ranking. 
  • Easy to monitor results: SEO is very easy to track, in terms of your website, individual webpages and other SEO components. This means that you can easily make adjustments and improvements to the online presence of your business.
These are the main advantages that your business can experience with SEO optimization.
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How do we conduct SEO Optimization for your business?

As mentioned earlier, the SEO optimization process is easier said than done. There are a variety of steps that go into applying SEO to your business. Our team at 23e2 conducts five key steps when optimizing your business for SEO. 

Here is a breakdown of each of the SEO optimization steps that we take:

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Keyword Research

  • The first step in our SEO optimization process is keyword research. The goal of keyword research is to identify the best keywords for your business based on their relevance to your services, as well as their level of competitiveness. To determine the best keywords based on these factors, we utilize a variety of keyword research tools including Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Once the best keywords for your business are identified, we will make sure to implement them into your content. Simply adding strong keywords to your website content can benefit your SERP as Google can easily read and identify what your content is about. Your website engagement will also increase, allowing your website to become more user-friendly.
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Content Mapping

  • Once we identify the best keywords for your business, we will determine the best way of adding them to your content so that web users can read and interact with your website content. This process is also known as content mapping. During this step, our goal is to build trust with web users by creating a convenient user experience when they visit your website. Having informative content that is easy-to-read will enhance web user experience and improve your SERP ranking.
  • Once your website content is created, keeping it up to date is just as important for SEO. For example, if you currently have any outdated blogs or articles, our team will update your content. This will benefit your SERP ranking as Google tends to favour newly created content in websites rather than outdated content, when determining the rankings of the SERP.
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On-Page Optimization

The next step in the SEO optimization process is on-page optimization. A web page consists of a variety of a number of optimizable elements. These elements include:

  • Title Tag: Being the largest tag on a webpage, the title tag specifies the main topic of a webpage. The tag must be 70 characters or less and for the best results it should contain a keyword.
  • Meta Description: Your search engine uses your meta description to determine what your webpages are about. By optimizing it, it will be easier for Google to recognize your website when ranking it.
  • Headings and Subheadings: In any form of content, it is important to keep it organized by using headings. For SEO optimization, this remains true as using H1, H2 and H3 tags can make it easy for your reader and Google to recognize your webpage.
  • Image Name and ALT Tags: By optimizing your image name and ALT tags with keywords, your SERP ranking will improve.
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Off-page Optimization

Though off-page optimization does not consist of elements, it is dependent on the optimization of a number of factors that affect your SERP ranking in one way or another. The major off-page optimization factors that we optimize consist of:

  • Trust: Creating an opportunity for your business to build ‘trust with its audience is crucial for off-page optimization. The factor itself indicates whether your website can be trusted by search engines and web users. Adding high-quality inbound links is the most effective way of building trust with your target market. By doing this, your SERP ranking will rise.
  • Social Media: Being consistent with content creation on your social media platforms will make it easy for your target audience to find your business when seeking your services. This will also lead to positive follower interactivity, which Google favours when calculating your SERP ranking.
  • Links: By adding high-quality links into your content, the online presence of your business will improve. We will further explore the process that we take in selecting links in the ‘link-building’ step.
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Link Building

  • As you can probably assume getting high-quality links that can support your content is the goal of the ‘link building’ step. By obtaining high-quality links and referencing them in your website content, your content’s reliability will increase when viewed by others. Inbound links in particular, can direct web traffic from one website to another. Inbound links (aka backlinks) are hyperlinks that direct web traffic from one website to your website and they act as reference to your content. If your website obtains multiple references through inbound links from other websites, your SERP ranking will benefit.

I want SEO optimization for my business, what can I do?

  • We hope that this article has provided valuable insights on digital marketing and the principles of SEO including the SEO optimization process. If you need SEO optimization for your business, 23e2 is able to serve you with the best Digital Marketing and SEO services in Hamilton. If you have any further questions about our SEO process, do not hesitate to contact us.

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