SEO for Builders and Repairs.

(7 Concrete Tips on Building a great business)

If a homeowner wants to do some renovation and touch-ups to their home, looking up on google to hire a builder and repairer would be their instinct. Depending on the service they require, the project type could get specific, and the costs might vary. If you are a person who has a building and repairing business and looking to grow your customer reach,
you came to the right place.
Digital marketing has been around for a while now, but it’s getting better and more complicated. Unlike traditional ones, digital marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing using the internet for better client engagement in means of digital devices and other forms like social media, emails, and SEO.
Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithm to find better results for their users. It is essential always to be informed about the latest marketing trend to create a better user experience.
In this article, we will discuss
  • What is SEO  
  • Why is SEO essential for builders and repairers?
  • Tips on how to use SEO appropriately and grow your business

What is SEO for builders and repairs?

SEO is a process of optimizing a website to increase website traffic while creating better quality and quantity to the site by generating unpaid (organic) search engine results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO will help you stand out against your competitors. Using SEO, you increase your website visibility, web traffic and rank higher on the search result page (SERP). There are numerous methods, tips, and tricks in helping your business thrive digitally using SEO.

How to optimize SEO as a builder and repairs business.

seo for builders and repairers
Just like a builder won’t go to work without his handy dandy hammer and nails. A good business marketer will also need useful marketing tools to accomplish his goals. There are various effective methods of tools in SEO.
Let’s discuss some of them,

1) A localized keyword

local seo keywords for builders
A Keyword is a phrase that describes the search intent a user inputs in a search engine like Google to find results that match the query. You probably have tried to search for something on Google and got many search results. These results you have discovered are provided by Google for you because the Google algorithm recognizes those sites as valuable to a user based on the keyword they have input. These websites will have higher web traffic because they have optimized their websites so that Google could see them as valuable. You can do the same for your business.

How to find the right keyword?

seo keywords for builders
Finding the right keyword could be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. To find the right keywords, you should begin by researching your local area. Identify who your target customers are and create a profile based on their demographics. See what your local competitors are doing, find their strengths and weaknesses. Collect data and surveys, collect customer reviews from your clients and ask them to give you constructive criticism. These will allow you to follow a pattern in your client base wants and needs. Thankfully there are also an alternative, more straightforward methods to understanding your client base personalities. You can consider using the Google search bar for predictive searches, or you can consider investing in customer analytic tools with free trials like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Foxmetrics.
seo keywords for builders
After finding the right keyword for your business, you should integrate it throughout your web page, like in the Headings, Sub-headings, URLs, and Meta tags. You should not forget to localize your keywords as you are competing against your local Builders, and repairers and clients would look near their area to hire builders.
A potential client query in the search engine could get detailed and specific because several specialized building expertise fields exist. If your business is an all-building and repair business, you have a vast client base, and you have the freedom to target and optimize your keywords. If your company is specialized only in a specific work of the field, you should consider specifying your keyword as well.
Let’s see the primary field in the home repairing business as an example.

Roof repairs

A roof is an essential part of a house. But it is one of the most sensitive parts of a home as it withstands different kinds of weather changes. When a roof is damaged, it’s something that you will need to repair immediately. As a building repairer, you can make your site keywords relevant to your service, like “immediate roof repairing.” You will also need to study your local roof repair businesses around and analyze their strength and weakness so you can offer comparable and better service.
Sometimes a house could be beyond repair and need to be rebuilt entirely.
Let’s see a building business example.

A concrete homebuilding

One of the most common types of building material, whether it is for a house or apartment, is concrete. If your business is more focused on concrete building, your keyword should be specific and descriptive about concrete building services. You mainly will need to research the demographics of concrete home users . Use your research to understand your client base. Most of your potential clients research concrete home builders before they get to you. You will need to optimize your website’s content to be relevant for the services you provide. You will also need to update your site once in a while. If you find it hard to identify your client base, you can use tools we mentioned above, like the Google search console.
It is essential to understand the significance of keyword optimization. Finding the right keyword is the first and necessary step to connecting with your client base.

2) An appealing web design

seo web design for builders
A well-executed design is an attention grabber. An appealing website should take into consideration its fonts, pictures, graphics, colours, etc. An attractive website could increase your web traffic but wouldn’t always determine your session duration. Session duration is the average time a user spends time on your web page. You can identify that by viewing your Google analytics. When designing your website, give it a touch-up of your brand personality and relevant info-graphics for a better visual experience. You can use various website builders conveniently for construction and building companies to create your dream sites. Some of these builders with free trials are Wix, Squarespace, and site 123.
When creating your web content, it is smart to add tables, graphs, and charts to show sales of previous projects and service prices. Usually, when users start researching your business services, cost and quality are some of the main things they want to compare. Provide them with clear and detailed price charts so they can have a clear understanding and view of your company. Customers like an easy-to-navigate and manageable site to use. When you provide them those, you will get high traffic and higher site duration. It’s a win-win.

3) Smart backlinks

Backlinks or inbound links are links that contain your website content but found on a different website. So that means this specific website has mentioned your web link on theirs. If you click these links, it will then lead to your website. Backlinks are a smart way of increasing your web traffic because if you get the chance to get referred to a significant blog post or trusted news post, you will have access to most of their user traffics. Most of these posts have regular visitors, so each time they get a visitor, so will you.
seo backlinks for builders
“Highlighted blue words could be an example of backlinks.”
For your construction company, you can research your clients on the kind of sites they usually visit and try to get a backlink from those sites.
There are various ways to get backlinks for free for your company, like building a network with local news websites and construction and home building blogs, offering backlinks for contractors to do the same for you, and asking for referrals on their site directly.
Next up, smart promotions.

4) How to promote your business.

social media marketing for builders
Maybe you are looking to increase your online presence, or you might be planning to start one.
When you plan to build a network for your business, it’s crucial to know the right media platform. Before you start advertising, you should have a smart marketing strategy and have finished researching your client base demographics. It is also wise to keep track of your marketing performance as it will tell you if the media you are using is doing well or if you need to change your marketing platform.
For your building and repair company, you can consider building your networks on Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook, and Instagram. You will need to pick the one that is right for you by researching the media community so your content is available to the right audience that will react and take action.

5) Title and Meta tags

Title and Meta tags are descriptive sentences coded on web page algorithms, usually at HTML codes’ header. Unlike title tags, Meta tags only appear on the search result page. These descriptive sentences help the search engine, and users understand your web content for a better search result to a specific query.
title and meta tags seo for builders
“The arrows show where the tags are located on a search result.”
It is essential to understand and optimize title and meta tags appropriately. It won’t guarantee you automatic top rank on the search result page (SERP), but it will help along the process.
When writing meta tags, make sure to include the keywords you have selected in the descriptions. This will help your site get better matching to a keyword that has been input. When writing your meta tags, we recommend not exceeding 200 characters, and for your title tags, 60 as google will snip characters that are more than 230 for Meta and 60 for title tags.

6) Relevant content

When you create your web content, it is essential to note that the content you provide should be original, as google likes to rank unique pages higher; plus, it’s good for your company to stand out among your local competitors. An explicit and straightforward content makes it easy to read and manage for users. Users like engaging content but yet very informative ones. You should give users what they want to hear and what you have promised to deliver on your title and meta tags so they don’t think it is a waste of time. Your content shouldn’t be longer than it should be. If you have invaluable or irrelevant information, it will only make your content wordy and boring. So it is essential not to assume what a client wants. It is vital to research your client base and write the web content how they need it.

7) Mobile-friendly sites.

mobile friendly seo for builders
You might think having a mobile-friendly site is not a big deal. Wrong! According to Statista, The average mobile user accounts for approximately half of the web traffic. In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated about 50.81 percent of global website traffic. In short, making your site mobile-friendly is exceptionally essential.
But what is a mobile-friendly site exactly?
A mobile-friendly site is a site that shrinks and fits your mobile screen when browsed from a mobile device. This increases a mobile user experience.
In addition to that, you can research your average clients for your construction company if they use mobile or computers to look for builders and repairs on the internet. This will give you an alternative method in designing your site as a mobile-first site.
A mobile-first site is a site that is designed to be convenient on mobile-first and then desktop. This design satisfied mobile users’ needs foremost by using a mobile responsive framework. The most common example of mobile-first design is Google maps.

Build your dream business with SEO.

seo for builders
SEO is a process that will help you achieve your goal in this digital age by preventing overspending and increasing profit. Most users have found SEO to be effective as It helped improve their online presence, company recognition, and customer loyalty. Even though learning SEO could be time-consuming, the results are far better rewarding. Suppose you are not confident to optimize your site using SEO or don’t have time to learn. In that case, you can always consider getting an SEO manager as an alternative.
I hope this article provided you the necessary information you were seeking to grow your great business. Best of luck!.
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