30 Blog Posts Templates to Prevent Writer's Block

You have so much to say, and so much information to share! One of the best ways to get your words out there is through writing. Blogging is an extremely popular form of expression, with over 500 million blogs on the internet to date. One thing any blogger will warn you about though, is the dreaded writer’s block. Having a topic and not knowing how to write about it in an appealing way can catch a lot of bloggers off guard and set you back in your writing. An incredibly effective way to counteract and prevent writer’s block is by using templates. Templates allow you to outline the things you want to say with minimal effort and then stitch together your points after the fact.
Here are 30 templates, (general as well as specific) that will help prevent writer’s block while blogging and make blogging more efficient.
Author Dan Shewan’s witty comparison of Driving to blog writing starts the post off in a creative way followed by insightful information about writing tips.  The steps outlined are highlighted as essential steps in any blog post.  The five steps in this template are as follows:
  • Plan
  • Craft
  • Write
  • Enhance
  • Edit
This basic guide is great for anyone who wants to start learning, but doesnt want to get too specific just yet. 
Danny Iny outlines and explains quite a few tips and tricks for when it comes to writing blog posts.  He finishes the article with talking about finding a system that works for you and following it.  This template is jam packed with useful tips and tricks to have you writing in no time.  Included in this article are a few topic ideas to structure your article around, which is an added bonus.
This template from Backlinko gets nice and specific. This template is a specific template that relates to comparing and contrasting two different products. The four parts to this blog post are intro product overview 1 product overview 2 and conclusion. This is a great template to use for shorter or longer articles due to flexibility in application.
Another star worthy blog template from Backlinko. Have a story or topic that you want to shed some needed light on? This is the template you need to check out! Consistent of three main sections: attention grabbing intro, debunking myths, and the conclusion. This is a great option for any blog and can once again be lengthened.
The final template from Backlinko is the “How they did it” post. These posts are applicable to every single niche, which means it is perfect for you. These posts have been so successful online, so why not give it a shot. You can write about the story of how a person or company, or yourself even got to where they are now. With an intro, strategies and conclusion you can really add meat here or keep it lean, whatever suits your personal blogging style.
Michael Hyatt adds a personal and unique spin on some of the previously mentioned writing templates in a condense article. If you are looking for a shorter explanation of blog post structuring, take a peek at this one right here. Just as informative as others, but in a shorter delivery. Hyatt focuses on the structure of articles shorter in nature as well.
The Vice President of blogging website “Buffer”, Kevan Lee shares how he writes his thousand word plus posts in just around 3 hours start to finish. This article is great for people new to blogging or looking to brush up on your skills. With experience and a tried and tested method, everyone can learn at least a little bit of information from this one right here.
Continuing on with our past post on time, this article condenses the time even greater; all the way down to 60 minutes. This particular template talks about preparation more than writing and how that can really benefit your writing style. If you want to write faster, check out the template from Search Engine Journal.
Looking for an up to date and detailed perspective on blog writing? This article gives an updated in depth explanation of writing blog posts in today’s internet climate. Consistent of 11 steps, it’s hard to miss the point of this article. This template differs from the others because it talks about tips after the articles are completed.
List posts are tried and true. They are versatile and can be written on any topic. Not to mention, list posts or listicles are extremely popular online and catch and hold a reader’s attention. Ahrefs gives you the inside tricks to writing an effective list post along with creative visuals to illustrate the template.
Similar to the “how they did it” template, but more general and not about any particular individual, the step by step guide is a versatile template. From frying an egg, to building a model airplane, you can create a step by step article on just about anything.
Designed to give the reader a deeper explanation and understanding about a certain topic. Ahrefs is not shy when giving examples and personal tips to the reader. Definitely a must use blog template for your site.
Creating a blog equivalent of the book series “X for dummies” on your niche is a great way to get the creative juices flowing . Ahrefs explains in detail how you can do that effectively in a blog post, and includes helpful tips!
A rendition on the step by step and beginners guides. This hybrid allows for a fresh perspective on old topics. Not only that, but allows you to fit information regarding said famous person along with a separate topic. These posts can be as fun or as serious as you want! That’s only one reason this template is so amazing.
If a lengthy in depth and descriptive template is what you want Neil patel’s guide to ranking in the Google top 10 is for you. This template reaches far beyond the act of blog post construction, extending into SEO and marketing. Worth taking time to check out or glance through for advice and ideas.
This visual template allows you to structure your ideas before hitting the keyboard. Author follows this up by adding his own tips into the mix, but the highlight of this article is the graphics and template itself. The template outlines page format as well as writing template which is helpful when you publish your blog, or even just to give inspiration.
This stylish website offers their take on blog templates and how they use the template to come up with posts for stylish branding. Included is an attention grabbing template with added flare on the regular basic template. This is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra something to their blog page.
Preps the most straightforward template from the group. All the hard work is done for you! At this point just fill your information into the premade template and let those creative juices flow right onto the page.
Another straightforward template. This is similar to template 17, but comes off a little bit more abstract. Easy for people who have no idea how to structure their article, to gather their thoughts in one place.
At this point who couldn’t use a visual template? They allow you to see how your content will shae out on the page and allow you to alter your content accordingly. This template is customizable as well which makes it ideal for anyone blogging.
Less stress when writing is always better. On top of less writers block, less stress means faster and more precise content production. THe highlight of this template is the checklist. While the process of writing has many variations, we can definitely incorporate this information article into daily composition.
Routine, ritual, and recognize, that is what this article comes down to. Getting into a routine, having a writing ritual, and recognizing when you get off track, all three are essential components to writing better articles faster.
This creative template strips down blog writing to bare bones. Stripping it and examining what makes a good blog post is a great way to recentre your brain when it comes to sitting down and writing a particularly difficult article. The flexibility and simplicity of the template can benefit anyone trying to find a cohesive and organized way to write and illustrate thoughts..
This template is a detailed checklist, that is designed to assist writers at each stage of writing. This template would be very beneficial to those who are newer to blogging as well as those who have a little more time to construct posts. The three sections of this template are inspiration, drafts, and ready to publish; different headings than some other templates.
A year in review post can cover many topics, in any kind of detail in one post. Centralizing yearly topics in relation to your niche in one post can be extremely attractive to your readers. For example a “this year in tech” would be great for a tech website, or “This Year in Cars” for a site with auto focus. This type of template also allows you to add links to other pages on your site and may facilitate internal traffic.
Taking a look and doing an in depth review on a very specific topic is a great way to have readers learn more about your niche. Rather than broadly covering a variety of topics a case study narrows that down. Narrowing it down, and discussing specifics of one can allow the reader to become an expert and develop a further interest in the topic.
No one can really predict the future, but we can all make educated guesses when it comes to the topics we know best. Why not share your insight with your readers? Predicting things to come in a post is something that readers can find interesting even once events have taken place. It allows you to speak on events that haven’t even taken place yet which creates a broader topic selection.
If your blog is a popular platform, or one where readers would be interested in asking questions, why not invite that? Start asking readers to send in questions pertaining to a specific topic, when enough buzz or questions have come in, you can address them in a whole article. This way, your readers will have an interest in the article and you will gain insight into what they want when it comes to content.
Talking about things that maybe are normal in some fields but why you or your company doesn’t do them is a way to entice readers. Maybe it’s something they can relate to, maybe it’s something they don’t immediately agree with and want to learn more about. Whatever it is, sharing uncommon knowledge can provide a new perspective for your readers
Having an exclusive interview with a big name in your niche can make for an amazing post. The interview highlights can place the spotlight on the experts views rather than just your own opinions, or market research. Featuring the ideas of your own readers can even provide a new insight and look on the niche.
With all 30 of these templates to choose from I’d like to see you try to have writers block now! Using a template can be so helpful in more ways than one. Seo can greatly benefit from following templates, and overall your blog will be a lot more organized, cohesive, and connected. There are so many, which is the first template you are going to try out on your next blog post? Still need help writing a blog post? 23e2Can help with all of your Digital marketing needs. Our variety of website services from design and development, to execution and SEO, let our team take your company to another level. Call today to find out more!