In the digital world, online advertising is key for attracting web traffic and to get web users to complete a conversion. Using a strategy known as remarketing is one of the online advertising methods that can fulfil this. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows sites to display ads to web users that have previously visited their webpages.  It is simply a way to connect with people who have previously visited or interacted with your site. With remarketing, you can choose to show your ads to these audiences when they browse Google or partner websites. As a result, you can increase your brand awareness as well as remind them to make a purchase.

How does remarketing work?

Some people might be wondering why it seems that once you have viewed certain businesses and they keep appearing while you browse other sites. This is how remarketing works. You might have noticed when browsing some sites, there is a small pop up asking whether you accept cookies on the site to improve your experience. When you click on accept you are giving them permission to remarket you. You will also begin to see ads from websites that you have previously visited while surfing the web, watching videos on YouTube and more.
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Remarketing is an easier method of advertising to set up.

Benefits of Remarketing

Using remarketing to retarget people who have previously interacted with your site has a number of benefits. Whether your goal is to drive sales, increase sign-ups or increase brand awareness, remarketing can be a great option for your advertising strategy.
Before we get into the benefits of remarketing, let’s take a look at why people don’t convert on their first visit. It could be they want to do more research, busy with something else or they simply weren’t convinced with your products or service.
First of all, remarketing allows you to position your ads to people who have previously engaged with your site when they are searching for similar products or services elsewhere and are more likely to convert. In addition, you can also show your ads to customers who are actively looking for your business on Google Search. This can allow you to stay connected to your target market even if they happen to leave your website.
Remarketing can also allow you to target a specific group of people. Consider that many people do not complete a conversion on their first visit due to a variety of reasons such as being occupied with something else, wanting to do more research or not being convinced enough to purchase your product/service. By making remarketing lists such as people who have added something to their shopping cart but did not complete the transaction, you can again draw them back to complete the purchase by putting remarketing ads on display for your target market. Using display remarketing ads throughout the web will also increase the brand awareness of your target market, making them more inclined to trust and complete a transaction with your business.
Remarketing also provides a large scale reach and it is proven to be effective. With your remarketing list, you can reach them across their devices as they browse over two million websites as well as mobile apps. Your remarketing efforts will also result in better conversion and click-through rates especially when you utilize targeting methods such as targeting by demographics. In a remarketing campaign, around 75% of consumers can recognize that they are being retargeted. Furthermore, the average click-through rate of a Google search ad is 0.07% while the average CTR rate of a retargeting ad is 0.7%. Also, 70% of those that click through are 70% more likely to complete a conversion and become a customer.

What is the cost of a Google Remarketing campaign?

The cost of a Google Remarketing campaign varies from industry to industry and it differs based on your type of marketing campaign. Despite this, remarketing is a more cost-effective method to draw in quality web traffic. Unlike traditional paid advertisements, Google Remarketing Ads alongside retargeting campaigns can reach out to the same target audience without digging into your budget. When comparing a PPC ad to a remarketing ad, the difference in cost is recognizable, as reaching 1000 viewers has a cost of $2.28 for a Remarketing Ad, compared to $35.09 for a PPC ad. This just goes to show how much you could save by using a remarketing campaign rather as a traditional PPC ad campaign.
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Types of Remarketing:

There are a number of different remarketing types presented through Google Ads:
  • Search Remarketing: These ads are shown as pre-roll video ads on Youtube for web users that have previously visited your website.
  • Video Remarketing: these ads are shown at the top of the search results after a web user has visited your website.
  • Display Remarketing: your ads are shown as display ads on other websites for your remarketing audience.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Ads that get your products/services on display for web users that have viewed them on your website or app.
  • Social Media Remarketing: Ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for those that have previously visited your website.
  • Customer List Remarketing: this type of remarketing involves uploading a contact list of customers that you want to include in your remarketing list. When signed into Google or on a specific social media site, you can put your remarketing ad on display to your remarketing audience.

How to use Google Remarketing for your brand:

Using Google Remarketing for your business can be completely in a few easy steps. If you already utilize Google to advertise your business, you will just need to add remarketing code to your website. This remarketing code is also known as a tag or pixel  and it adds web users to your remarketing audiences using browser cookies. If you want your business to display specific product categories, you can also customize the code for different web pages. 
For example, imagine that you operate a shoe store through an e-commerce platform. You want to create a remarketing campaign for web users that have visited the web pages of where you have put your sneakers on display. Once your web users visit these web pages, display ads for your sneakers will appear when they are surfing other websites. They will make it easy to draw customers back to your website if they continue to look for sneakers and you can even offer them a special offer such as an option for free shipping.

Want to implement a remarketing campaign for your business?

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