PPC Optimization

PPC platforms such as Google offer various optimization tips automatically to increase performance of the campaign. There are so many aspects to it that play important roles in how an ad campaign could generate results. A new account needs to be monitored closely and adjusted constantly. A mature account that has been active and generating great results might not need as much constant optimization as new accounts.

Why is PPC Optimization Important?

It varies by industry, but many will notice that there is a busy and slow season for certain types of businesses. Your budget might be shifting based on changed consumer behavior. When it comes to your slow season, some continue with the usual advertising some prefer to cut the budget during this time. Generally speaking, continuing with advertising during a slow season is a long-term strategy where you will find it effective later on. Especially for some businesses that have a long conversion window and sale cycle, meaning it takes longer to convert.

The market is constantly changing and so are your competitors. PPC is essentially an auction. One day you might be winning the bid if competitors left, another day you might be having even more competitors coming into the auction.

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Where to Start?

Campaign structure – There is no standard structure that applies to all campaigns. However, your campaign should be structured in a way that can be easily adjusted according to seasons, product lines, locations, and promotions etc. 

Keywords – This is what triggers the ads to show up. If you don’t have a carefully selected list of keywords that are highly relevant to your business, it could lead to wasted ad spend and irrelevant clicks. The quality of your ad does not depend on the number of keywords you have in your ad groups. We recommend limiting 15-20 keywords in each ad group to create ads that are closely related and relevant. This will make sure that the ads can have higher clickthrough rate, ad rank and quality score. You could be paying less to be on top if you have ads that have higher quality scores. 

Negative keywords – When you first start a campaign, you might have many broad match keywords to begin with. This might make your ad appear on completely irrelevant search queries that are of the close variant of your selected keywords. A very important step of PPC optimization is to go through your search terms to filter out those irrelevant search queries and add them to your negative keywords list to avoid wasting your ad spend. 

Ad group structure – Similar to limiting the number of keywords in each ad group, the performance of your campaign does not depend on the number of ads in your ad groups. Google recommends three to four ads per ad group and uses different wording in every ad. Google will automatically show the best performing ads more often. 

Geotargeting – This is another common mistake that we see in many campaigns. Especially for businesses that have service areas, it is very important to have correct geotargeting set up in order to get valuable traffic. When a cleaning company which targets customers in Toronto, you probably don’t want your ads to show up to people who are just interested in traveling to the city of Toronto. You might end up getting irrelevant clicks from people from outside the city or country. 

Conversion actions – Ultimately, the main goal of a successful PPC campaign is to generate results. However you define what conversion means to you, it is very important to have conversion tracking set up properly so that adjustment can be made to optimize to get more conversions. 

At 23e2 Digital, our PPC specialists are experienced and professional in building new PPC campaigns and improving existing PPC campaigns. If you already have a campaign running, we can do an in-depth audit to find out where it needs to be improved. Our PPC optimization strategy is carried out after we determine the problems of your campaign and plan out the areas that need touch-up. Contact us now if you are ready to make your good campaigns great. 

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