Free Shopping Ads on Google Available in All Countries Now

google shopping ads on desktop

Last month, Google announced a free version of Shopping ads available to users on Merchant Center. Initially, it is only available in the US. Today, it is officially ready for all countries where the Merchant Center is launched. This is great news for all online retailers. This program allows advertisers to display their product on surfaces across Google for free whereas before it was a pay-per-click ad format. 

People will be able to see product results from your online store on various Google surfaces including Google Images, Shopping tab, Google Lens, and Google Search. 

Are you eligible?

google shopping ads on mobile

You must follow policies ( to show products on surfaces across Google and meet one of the following:

  • Have structured data markup on your website, you will be automatically enrolled in the program
  • Submit a feed through Merchant Center and select the corresponding program

Your ads might already be showing up in unpaid product listings on Google if you have previously submitted feed through Google Merchant Center. You can also opt-out if you prefer not to show up across the free surfaces.