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Google has become the first place where people search for what to do, where to go and what to buy. Your ad shows up when people search for your product or service. Whether it is on desktop or mobile, your ad showing up at the right place and right time can turn search into paying customers. If you want to get new customers to your website, to call your or to visit your store, then setting up a Google Ads campaign is definitely one of the most effective marketing techniques for your business. If you are not ready to invest a big amount yet, Google gives you the flexibility to set your monthly budget cap, change it and pause it anytime.
Because of the fact that a PPC account has so many aspects to it where you can use to achieve your marketing goal, each account has a very complex and unique setup. Therefore, conducting PPC audits is very important to ensure that the campaign is fully optimized to effectively deliver results. A proper PPC audit can help determine where the account needs improvements to cut wasted spend, increase clickthrough rate and increase quality score. Some of the most commonly seen mistakes in PPC settings are choice of match types, use of negative keywords, ad copy etc. Our PPC audit will start with identifying where your account needs improvement in and provide solutions to improve account performance. Our goal is to ensure that your budget is spent effectively.
At 23e2 Digital – #1 PPC Agency in Toronto, our PPC audit has a few major steps to follow. One of the most important indicators of assessing the performance of a campaign is conversion tracking. Defining what is conversion and how much you are willing to pay for each conversion is usually the first step of setting up a successful campaign. This information helps us to plan your campaign and make improvements along the way. In order to have this done, we will require access to your Google Ads account and Analytics account if applicable. We want to make sure that not only you have conversion action tracking but also have the conversion set up properly. For example, if you are an online retailer, a conversion would be when an actual purchase is completed rather than visiting a specific page on your website.
Another unnoticeable setting that many of our clients have missed is the targeting settings. This includes network settings, device bid adjustment., target locations. This means depending on your targeted audience, service area and possibly other aspects of your business nature, these settings have to be properly set up so that your budget is spent effectively.
The next step would be to dive into each individual ad group and check if keywords and ads are set up properly. This includes how are keywords grouped, how many in each ad group, how ad copy is laid out, proper ad extensions, as well as keywords match types. All of these are factors that contribute to your campaign performance. A well set up campaign should be able to cut down irrelevant clicks and drive quality traffic to your site.
That might sound like a very complicated job to you. At 23e2, our Google Ads specialists can provide professional audits on your current PPC campaign as well as constructive advice on how to improve the campaign performance. Whether it is you want to improve your current campaign or have a brand new campaign set up, we are here to help!

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