23e2 Digital Marketing is Recognized as One of Top 3 Advertising Agencies in Toronto

Marketing agencies work towards growing a business and reaching its highest potential. Optimizing the exposure of any business can extend its reach to potential customers and therefore raises the likelihood of interest in the product or service being offered. This is done through simplifying a business’ mission to attract audience. Marketing agencies use various strategies and design such as digital marketing, telemarketing and consultation in marketing communications. Ultimately, marketing agencies inspire the public and its partners in continually redefining itself in fresh ways.

23e2 Digital Marketing is rated as one of Toronto’s Top 3 Advertising agencies based on a 50-point inspection by Three Best Rated®. 23e2 Digital Marketing has been providing consistent excellence in marketing. More than just an advertising agency, 23e2 Digital Marketing also provides Google Virtual Tours, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Management, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing and Local Services by Google Account Management. 23e2 Digital Marketing exceeds TBR standards thus being named one of the Top 3 Advertising agencies in Toronto..

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Advertising is constantly evolving and taking on new forms.  As a business manager or owner, it can be hard to keep up with all your company’s internal affairs.  On top of company affairs, staying up to date on the different advertising strategies can be quite challenging.  That is where creative and advertising agencies come into play.  These agencies not only take strain off of the CEOs and business owners, they can significantly increase brand awareness, emotional connections, and attract new donors.  Continue reading to find out more about what an advertising does along with the services they provide.

What do advertising agencies do?

The question isn’t what do advertising agencies do, the question is what don’t they do? These agencies do just about everything when it comes to marketing and advertising, and in just about every sector of marketing.

Strategy Services

Strategy services focus on the strategies behind branding of businesses.  The strategy services help establish a brand with a certain image.  They facilitate an angle for the brand to come from.  This will be a specific image they want to portray to their audience, synced across all platforms.  Strategy services can also fast track marketing and business goals within the company.  The following are examples of strategies offered by advertising and creative agencies.
    • Advertising strategy 
      • How to market our product in the best way
    • Brand Strategy
      • Outline and define how your brand is viewed by consumers
    • Content Strategy
      • How will you put out content in an effective way?
    • Marketing Strategy
      • Which way and to whom will you market your business?
    • Social Media Strategy 
      • What are you putting out on social media and what sites?
    • Channel Strategy
      • How you communicate with consumers online, and how you share information

Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and analysis services are able to determine how your marketing efforts are being perceived and how they are performing. Are your current efforts a waste of time? Is something working better than another option? All of these are characteristics that the measurement and analysis sector of a creative agency will be able to tell you. That being said, the measurement and analysis sector can also communicate within the service provider what is and isn’t working so that other sectors can modify their efforts.

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Content Creation

Now that we have discussed all the brains behind the marketing operation, the beauty is content creation.  It is the role of content creators to make the strategic teams visions come to life.  With so many different options and avenues for the creative team to take, they must be ready to adapt a message on many platforms.  Similarly, each creative team must work together to create a cohesive image through design, image, and text.  A great example of different creative teams who work together can be seen when it comes to a business website.  The developers, copywriters, and planners must all work together in order to portray a brand in a certain way.  Content creation has many different delivery modes, from traditional marketing like radio and tv ads to modern, personalized and interactive delivery methods. Advertising agencies will be able to generate and adapt to what your unique company requires to meet a business goal.  These are only a few of the content creation abilities within an advertising agency

    • Reports
      • Generate reports for the company to use on different platforms
    • Content Planning and Publishing
      • Planning out articles and publishing them onto the website
    • Blogs and Articles/Copywriting
      • Generating inviting and insightful content for readers, built into the webpages
    • Copyediting
      • Edits all of the writing before it gets posted, looking for errors in spelling and grammar
    • Design Elements/Graphic Design
      • Making the site visually pleasing to look at with custom graphics pertaining to content
    • Branding
      • Implementing branding strategies within the site content or in person
    • Visualization of Data
      • Creating graphs and charts to display information
    • Ereader Content
      • Generate content that can be read on an e reader or create a reader version of the web page
    • Video Content
      • Filming physical interactions or events that take place in relation to the business
    • Animated Video (Computer Generated)
      • Small computer generated video content for informational or promotional content.  These videos are animated setting them apart from the regular video content
    • Communicative Graphics
      • Graphics designed to communicate information with the reader about services etc.
    • Interactive elements within content
      • Placing buttons and interactive forms within the site (contact us, fill in forms, account creation)
    • Power Points and other Presentations
      • Can create powerpoint and presentations for the company
    • White Papers
      • Informs consumers about what they are reading or about complex issues.  Designed to help reader understand, solve a problem and make a decision
    • Microcontent
      • Small content on social media, such as posts or stories
    • Photography
      • Taking photos for the website 
    • Web Design and Development
      • Design a series of web pages for the business, can add onto existing pages or start from scratch
    • Facebook ads
      • Generates effective facebook ads enticing and inviting new customers
    • Google ads
      • Generates effective google ads enticing and inviting new customers

Communications Services

Communications services take a variety of different complex tasks off the hands of owners.  Thanks to creative agencies, more challenging, negotiative and behind the scenes tasks are covered.  Rather than trying to take control of Purchasing media channels, paying for advertisements or sponsored content, influencers to market your product, and public relations, the Communication side of the agency will take care of that for you.

Now separate from all external agencies, there is the option of opting for an in house agency to take care of advertising needs.  This could be morphed from an existing marketing team or tacked on to the company.  Benefits of in house advertising are that the people working for you are only focused on your product(s)/service(s).  However, smaller businesses may be put off by the costs of hiring and running an entire team dedicated to advertising.

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One of the best things about an external agency is that you don’t need to use every single service that they provide, though it means they are all available to you.  Creative agencies thrive on giving you business options, it isn’t just a one time solution, creative agencies are there to put in place a structure and foundation for your business to grow. For more information in regards to creative and advertising services, please give us a call or email us!  We are more than happy to help!