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Marketing Automation Guide

Marketing Automation Guide

What is automated marketing?

This is a way of advertising using software to market automatically. While you build your client base this type of marketing makes sure to maintain your relationship with existing clients. With automated marketing efficiency is key. Even when humans get tired and need breaks this software will still be working to get you exposure. This software sends automated emails and posts to a variety of platforms to keep people updated on your business. With access to customizing the messages and power over choosing times when sent this is a good way to increase revenue.

What is automated marketing?

Automated marketing is becoming a widespread way to advertise businesses. But here are a few reasons why you should consider using this technique.

1)&nbsp Efficiency

Automated marketing can do everything faster than a human can. This software doesn’t need to break either. When people do the same tasks over and over again they end up unable to do them with the same proficiency as before. Let these mind-numbing tasks be done by automated software without complaint.

2)&nbsp Easy to Personalize

While the messages may be pre recorded it doesn’t mean that you can’t put your own spin to it. Every business has a brand that they stand behind and automated software makes sure that you’re able to use it to your full advantage no matter the color scheme or text you need to send. These messages can also be personalized to the customer base.

3)&nbsp Accurate

Human error, unfortunately, cannot be avoided but machines do not have the same problems. The software will send the message exactly how you want to without forgetting any data. No fields will be left blank with automated marketing.

4)&nbsp People shop online

1.8 billion people shop online. So marketing through automated means can be beneficial in the long run. Automated answers to frequently asked questions and the ability to work 24/7 are useful for any business. Social media widgets for ads and membership programs can be useful in increasing customers.

5)&nbsp Wider Email range

With a larger customer base, it is important to keep them up to date on the new sales. It is a platform people of all ages use so you can get the largest advertising of your products. Coupon offers and such can also be sent through this platform.

6)&nbsp Better at getting client data

You don’t want to market the wrong things to people who aren’t interested. Automated software records the customers purchases and offers them items that they might be interested in. Good recommendations can increase the revenue of your business. 62% of people shop monthly so make sure your business is one they frequent.

Why is automated marketing important?

Time is important for business and how it is spent will affect the company. So when there are tasks that while necessary can be done by automated software it frees employees up to come up with creative marketing strategies or complete other tasks. Consumers get the fast results they were looking for and the efficiency will remind them to come back to this business for future purchases.

Misconceptions of automated marketing

Automated marketing is a very popular tool used by businesses and the popularity of it causes some false information to become popular.

1)&nbsp Automated marketing means there’s no need for people

This software is used to make life easier for people not harder. While automated marketing reduces having to do repetitive tasks this software can’t run by itself. People are needed to come up with creative messages. To plan when and how the software will market for the business. This is merely a tool that can help marketers increase clients and revenue for the business.

2)&nbsp Only big companies use it

There are different types of marketing from those that just send emails to the client list to software which recommends items to purchase from previous knowledge within the website. Every company has something specific they need to work on and the marketing software can help with that. There is always something redundant that can be given to the program instead.

3)&nbsp You need IT knowledge

This might depend on the software itself but there are many automated marketing programs that can be used by anyone. As long as you read the instructions the program is very user-friendly. It’s easy to alter the program so that it is personalized for your company with the way and the type of messages sent.

4)&nbsp Marketing automation is all you need

While this is a very useful tool to market your products it doesn’t guarantee success if it is all that is done. Automated marketing helps long term as it can help maintain a good impression on customers and keep them updated on news from your company. But while customers may be curious they won’t purchase anything unless you can convince them to.

5)&nbsp Too expensive

Automated marketing like all investments is expensive but this will help reap a lot of benefits. Automated marketing gets you higher revenues because they keep reminding consumers of your business. 30% of people say that they would visit a website they bought from previously to get new products. By getting steady customers you can slowly increase the reputation of your business.

When should you get automated marketing?

If you have a lot of new customers coming to your business and your products are already doing pretty well then it is time to get automated marketing. Automated marketing ensures that you don’t lose the momentum you have and keeps your business thriving. If you already have strategies that you want to use or a general idea of what you want to portray this tool can help.

Dos and Don’t of automated marketing

If you’re thinking about getting automated marketing software here are a few pointers on how to properly use this tool.

1)&nbsp Do target ads to individual customers

While you may have a large client list not everyone will be interested in the same thing. So after the first few emails use the automated tool to determine what your customers are more likely to buy and target products to suit their needs.

2)&nbsp Don’t bombard them with emails

Your customers may be interested in your store but too many messages can deter them from using your store again. In the best-case scenario they’ll send any email from your company to the junk mail but in the worst-case scenario, they could bad mouth your company to potential customers losing revenue. Try to find the right spot that keeps customers aware but not annoyed.

3)&nbsp Do make creative ads

While the marketing tool may be automated it doesn’t mean that the messages sent have to sound robotic too. Try to connect with the customers and keep them interested in your company with creative ads. Things that show off your brand and those that showcase why your business is different should be well received.

4)&nbsp Don’t be too general

While it is great to send in emails that are on brand don’t send messages just for that have a clear goal in mind when contacting the customer. Whether it’s because coupons or deals for the holidays are precise or customers won’t be interested in opening the messages no matter how wonderful visually.

Types of Marketing Automation

Automated marketing helps businesses sell their products to a wider range of consumers. With tactics like widespread emails and using customer’s data to recommend products, it can help usher in greater revenues. There are many ways to feature automation tools for advertising in your business as well.


When there are tons of products to advertise having an automatic tool to help you in reducing the workload is very helpful. They will assist you by coming up with times to line the campaigns and when to best post that so that a higher number of the people are exposed. The software is going to be useful in predicting the behavior of your customers. supported by the geography, age range, etc. The campaigns need to be thought of accordingly. Depending on how automated you would like this function to be the software could work completely by itself from using the info configured or it could work with input from the marketing team.

Ad templates

While humans’ creative minds are needed to form the ads themselves they don’t have to be there after the creative portion is completed. They can set up the time management portion of the ads in the order that they’re going to post. The automated software can also point people to templates that they might get inspiration from. More content can be created in an efficient manner. The more automated you create the software for the business the more assistance will be received with ideas for ads. This tool can also determine what consumers like about ads to suggest what might work better for your company.

Create a customer base

While it’s good to gain exposure for your business with a spread of advertisements unless the curious people become customers you aren’t gaining profits for your time and effort. Certain customers are receptive, depending on the platform being used but knowing how to turn potential clients to customers is vital. By knowing what your customers have an interest in you’ll use that information to tailor the ads to people’s specific needs. Automated marketing looks into the prior performance of ads and stores data about previous purchases so that advertisers can use that information. With a better knowledge of what the clients want they can create something that suits the clients’ needs.


Automated marketing will help confirm that the responses to the ads viewed are recorded for further reference. They will use the reaction to return with predictions of the sales revenue and what ads are most eye-catching. With an automatic tool, it might be easy to cause changes to the remainder of the campaign material. This tool helps make quick decisions because it analyzes the marketing campaign. Since the software is more analytical, more accurate data are going to be given regarding the customer base. The tool can change the results of the marketing strategies as well depending on how the company has grown.

How much automation is used?

This step completely depends on the business itself. While some prefer to get the more tedious tasks done by the tool it can have further uses. Using automated software in any capacity can help keep bringing good marketing strategies. Without extra things bogging down the marketers, they will focus on the creative part of the ads instead. But if you prefer to make the software completely automated as in from the strategy portion to the results the program chooses templates and therefore the best time to post these ads to urge maximum exposure. This is often very difficult to try because it is tough for computers to come up with the creative portion of ads making videos or things that are interesting for customers. Even with the predictions of product results, it’s hard to completely know the product without a clear understanding of the merchandise. By having a mix of both automated and human interaction with marketing you’ll create better campaigns compared to those that only specialize in one route.

Benefits of automated marketing

This marketing tool is becoming very popular for larger businesses to get rid of the redundancies of products but there are a variety of reasons why this automated marketing software should be used.

1)&nbsp Helps you reconsider your marketing strategy

While your company may already be employing a strategy they’ll miss some important things with all the information being used for the products. By using a new tool, it forces the advertisers to think through the way the products are marketed. Having a re-evaluation of the strategies being used can help create a better campaign. By ensuring that you’re marketing to the target customers you’ll get more sales of the products.

2)&nbsp Reaches more customers

People use a variety of platforms in their lifestyle from Facebook to Twitter. While it would be exhausting for a person to post on all the platforms an automatic tool can make it easier. All the employee has to do is create the content and the automated tool will post it on a number of platforms for you. This tool will ensure that the pictures stay intact in all mediums. By posting in a variety of places more people will be reminded of the posts as they’ll see it more frequently adding a sense of familiarity with the merchandise as well.

3)&nbsp Generates more site visits

We want people to go to our site. It’s what gets people curious about our products. But more importantly, we would like people to shop for products from our site. This can be done in a variety of ways but first things first we want to get people interested. One way to do this is by making blogs. When people read a good blog article they want to visit the site more often to find other articles to read. With automated software, emails can be sent whenever something new is posted or linking old but similar blog posts. This keeps people up to date with your website and everything that goes on there.

4)&nbsp Follow up on leads

People wish to be replied to right away. With automated software, it doesn’t matter when the customer is online you’ll be available 24/7. If you reply to a customer within an hour you’re 60 times more likely to form a purchase. While it may seem impersonal, many purchasers have very similar questions so rather than wasting everyone’s time have a pre-recorded response. This provides users the knowledge they have and keeps employees focused on more specific inquiries that need to be answered.
Automated Marketing is often employed by both big and little businesses alike to grow their customer base. This is often because the tools provided gives advertisers a far better understanding of the purchasers they’re marketing to. Not only are you able to gain a rise in revenue but in reputation as well.
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