What is Marketing Automation:
Beginner’s guide to maximizing revenue

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You may have signed up for Indeed a long time ago and still get emails, or maybe you went to Sephora, and the cashier asked you for your email to receive deals and promotions. The businesses automatically generate these automated emails for you after signing up to give you the best experience and generate revenue for their companies.

What is Marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a marketing process designed to automatically complete repetitive marketing tasks to increase efficiency and revenue using software. With 1.8 billion people shopping online, automated marketing maintains your relationship with existing and potential clients while making it manageable by sending automated emails and posts to various platforms to keep people updated on your business.
When you make automated marketing your preferred marketing choice, you will be gaining a lot of benefits. Automated marketing gives you accurate and efficient work while saving your time and energy and giving your clients a quality service. Marketing automation enables you to customize your messages desirably while giving you control to schedule the time you want them to be sent. With automated marketing, you can get better client data. This computerized software increases clients’ experience by recording your customer purchases and recommending them similar items they would be interested in.

Why is Marketing automation essential?

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Marketing automation is life-changing because it saves you time, giving you the freedom to focus and be creative on other important work to grow your business. With Marketing automation, you can provide automated answers to frequently asked questions 24/7. With better customer service, your customers are more likely to come back, resulting in higher revenue.
Numerous misconceptions around automated marketing are not correct. Like, “Automated marketing needs no help from people,” “Only big companies use it,” “You need IT knowledge,” “Marketing automation is all you need.” A marketing automation software can’t run by itself. It needs manual commands. Marketing automation is not restricted to big companies only, as small companies who want to increase their efficiency and revenue can also use it. Besides, numerous user-friendly automating software can be learned and used by anyone. Although Automated marketing is expensive, like all great investments, it can save you valuable time and helps you in the long run to maximize your revenue and service quality.
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Types of Marketing Automation

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There are many features in marketing automation. Let’s see the common must-haves,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As the name suggests, this software helps you manage your customers’ relationships and data for better client interaction. Each business gets a tremendous amount of client data every day. It is hard to manage all the data by yourself. CRM enables you to do this daunting task in a matter of seconds. Since this CRM software collects and stores previous customers’ data, every new interaction with this existing customer will be personalized, keeping your client up to date and engaged while your business is growing efficiently.

Email Marketing Automation

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If you have Netflix, then you quickly understand what email automation is. One of the familiar and essential automated marketing tools is email marketing automation. This tool helps you customize, schedule and personalize your promotional emails to your subscribers. There are numerous benefits to automated email marketing. Based on the customer relationship management data, you can create a segmented email list where you can personalize based on the subscribers’ interests in the individual emails you want to send. This will help you maintain your current subscribers and allow you to focus on the targeted customers. Email automation enables you to retain and engage your existing customers by seeing what emails get more attention and prioritizing those that work and eliminate those that result in fewer conversions. Besides increasing efficiency, Email automation increases customer engagement and revenue.

Social Media Automation

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As we know, social media keeps booming. We went from posting pictures and cat videos to selling products and advertising brands on platforms. With a vast number of users in all demographics, what’s a better way than marketing your business on social media. Thanks to trends, your business could gain colossal success and customers in a day, but you would have to keep working hard to keep them. You have to keep posting quality and personalized content to engage your customers. These tasks could be repetitive and daunting manually. Here is where social media automation comes in. Social media automation helps you tackle repetitive tasks by automatically doing them without your human intervention to post and share media content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social media automation helps you analyze your customers online and share content with your targeted audience at the right time.

Landing page Automation

First, Let’s define what a landing page is. A landing page is where your visitors are led after clicking on a link from a listing, email, or social media. These pages are designed for marketing purposes to turn visitors into customers. Landing pages increase your client base by offering information to your web visitors in return for their contact information like an email address. When you have automated landing page information, you automatically get this customer information to your automation tools like customer management and email automation-ready for your next marketing step.

Analytic automation

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When you are a business owner or marketer, an analysis is something you must do before any other marketing steps to see where you stand among your competitors. Automated analytics is an automatic data analysis tool to increase your revenue, produce insights, speed up the analytic process and accuracy by saving you time and energy.

How to effectively apply a Marketing automation software .

Technology’s advancement has given creators and manufacturers the freedom to build unique software and advance them top-tier. Using market automation software should not be a choice but instead a must-have. To win your competitors, you should implement it appropriately and use the one working for you. Choosing the best automation software could be frustrating.
Here we will discuss some of the best automation tools you can consider and how you can start using them.


One of the reasons that make Hubspot a great choice is that it works for both B2B and B2C types of businesses. A B2B(business to business) is a type of business where your business customers are another business. If you are a wholesaler, and your direct customers are retailers, that’s a B2B business. On the other hand, B2C(business-to-consumer) is a type of business where your business clients are direct consumers. With a 4.4/ 5 customer rating, Hubspot software offers both B2B and B2C types of business in different industries, making it favourable. Hubspot software offers you to maximize your revenue starting with content making, social media marketing, turning your web visitors to customers while assisting you with web content management and providing your users quality service and engagement.
One of Hub spot’s best features is that it is all in one, which means you can build landing pages, Marketing automation, blog posts, customer relationship management, email marketings, Ads, call-to-actions and SEO.
How to get started with Hub spot?
  • Go to Hubspot’s website.
  • Choose if you want to use the free or the premium tool.
  • The premium edition starts at 45/mo – 3,200/mo.
  • Create a Hub spot account
  • Select the one that applies to you from the follow-up questions like
    “Choose your industry,” “what field you work in,” etc.
  • If you have never used Hub spot before, there is a marketing demo.
  • This demo guides you step by step on how to operate the whole website while giving you descriptions.
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  • After you complete the demo and set up your account, you are ready to go.

Active campaign

Another best automation tool for different industries, including e-commerce, digital and B2B businesses, is Active campaign. With its reputation and 4.6 ratings, Active campaign is a tool that helps you with automation, email marketing, CRM and contact segmentation to scoring contact and leads by predictive sending to engage customers to grow your business reputation and relations.
With Active Campaign, you can
  • Do Targeted contact messaging. 
  • Create Personalized emails
  • Build Email segmentation
  • Do CRM
  • Create Automation
To get started with Active campaign, you can first head to Active campaign website and then
  •  Assess the website information and see if it is the right one for your business.
  •  Check if your industry is one of the sectors the software gives service.
  • Check the pricing or try the free trial.
  • Create an account 
  • Fill out the sections on the follow-up steps like name and contact information.
active campaign goals
“Active campaigns can help you set up goals for your company.”
  • After you finish setting up for further clarification, you should check out their learning resources and education center on your profile.
  • On the sidebar, you can find “Automation” and select it.
active campaign example
  • You can get started creating automation, or you can request a demo to know-how.

Active campaign

Marketo is another automation software tool designed to help build marketing automation for better client engagement and revenue. Marketo has a 4.1/ 5 rating making it one of the best candidates among automation software. Marketo being cloud-based makes the software favourable since it is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet.
With Marketo, you can
  • Market automatically
  • Do CRM
  • Create personalized Email marketing 
  • Marketing analysis
  • Turn leads to customers
  • Advertise digitally and socially 
  • Provide personalized, predictive and segmented content.
To get started with Marketo, head to their website on Google and Then,
  • Read their web content.
  • Request a demo to know how to operate the website 
  • Check the pricing. Marketo offers a free trial, but to use it to total capacity, it starts at 1,026/month.
  • If you are new to Marketo, you will need to create and set up your account.
  • Once you logged in, you can add additional users.
  • You can start customizing your landing page URLs and CNAME.
  • As the admin of your company, you can set up authorized customer contact. 
  • If you have a contact stored in your CRM, you should integrate it with Marketo.
  • Add tracking code to your website. Marketo has a custom code called “munchkin” that tracks activities on your website. With this, you can provide personalized automated marketing to your users.
  • After you finish setting up and configuring your profile, you are ready to use Marketo.
Learning Marketo could be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. But once you learn how to operate it and understand the worth, you will appreciate its benefits.

Benefits of Market automation

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Market automation is a popular choice among digital marketers and big or small business owners.
Market automation helps you to,
  •  Increase revenue by ensuring that you’re marketing to targeted customers on various social media platforms in a limited time.
  •  Tackle one of the tedious tasks in a few minutes.
  • Get brand popularity and reputation.
  •  Generate website traffic for your site
  •  Keep your customer engaged by providing fast, automated pre-recorded answering system responses.
Looking for more pointers? Let us see

Tips on automated marketing.

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Targeted ads for individual customers.

By studying your clients’ needs and wants, you will be able to deliver exceptional services. When you personalize the ads for your customers individually, you increase clients’ experience for each of them, resulting in more purchases or interactions.

Don’t over-promote.

Promoting can help increase your business interest, but spamming a client would only result in losing them. There is a high chance these emails are not getting opened or ending up in the junk mail.

Create creative ads

When you create personalized ads, try to make them sound like you are trying to have a conversation with the customers directly while adding visual features representing the brand. This increases clients’ engagement and interest.


Marketing automation is a revolutionary tool. Using marketing automation tools, you can turn leads to lifelong customers while engaging them and increasing sales. Market automation lets you choose whether you want a fully automatic promotion or mixed with a manual. By having a mix of automated and human interaction marketing, you’ll create better campaigns than those that only specialize in one route. By optimizing market automation for your business, you will not only satisfy your existing customers and increase your performance, but you will also be able to predict your potential customers’ behaviour.
I hope this article gave you insights on marketing automation, types of marketing automation, why it is essential and how you can use them.