What Makes A Website User Friendly

The most important factor when designing a website is just one: simplicity. The users should be able to find what they are looking for within a short time otherwise the user is gone from the website. There are so many options nowadays, for every product or service he or she might looking for. Maybe another website gives exactly what the user wants easier and quicker.

Build A Website With User In Mind

How are you going to keep your site simple? Here some easy to follow steps in order to improve the user experience on your professional website:

  • Easy to understand navigation. Avoid a large site map. In case your site has a lot of categories, create a smaller navigation bar, maybe in the top right corner.
  • Fast loading websites. Google’s study shows that 53% of websites visits were abandoned if the page required more than 3 seconds to load. So you can easily understand how significant is to create a fast responsive website.
  • Search functionality. Especially for e-commerce websites, with many categories, a search functionality is a must have. User must be able to search what he or she wants to find, and not have to navigate in every category.
  • Easy to understand action button. What’s an action button? Buttons like “Add to cart”, “Download now” or “Contact us”. In general any action that creates an interaction between the user and the website. You do not want the user to wonder what result is going to have a certain functionality in the website.
  • Easy to read content. When your website is either a blog or any other type of website which have a lot of content, it cannot be just text. You should always combine in the content text with media, like photos and/or video.

In conclusion, you should always have in mind that mistakes in your website can make you lose business. If the design of the website cannot attract users, sales are going to decrease. And you do not want that, right?

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