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Public Relations has branched into Social Media Relations. Your business needs to communicate with the news media and regular internet users. 23e2 will help you to understand the concepts and potential impact of the various social media platforms as they relate to your business, permitting your company to become “socially active” at an appropriate and manageable pace. This can allow you to use any of the social solutions with confidence as well as a strategic approach.

Is your business still using traditional PR exclusively? Are you managing your reputation and engaging in social media as a key communications vehicle? There are many questions – let’s meet and review them together. Media Relations is a much wider discussion than it was in the past. At 23e2, we will work with you to identify the right social media for your product, service, mission or opportunity. Your business is unique; that’s why no Social Media Relations campaign is alike. At 23e2 we plan with you and produce all required content, events, outreach and information required to get you the attention you deserve. A smart strategy starts with a deep analysis of your social channels. Everything from how your competitors are doing, to what your consumer truly wants. After we assess, we’ll identify areas of opportunity so your brand can really flourish.

Nobody needs a weak link in their plan; your strategy can not be written in stone. In the new marketing, you need to be adaptable and quick to respond. When your media is not working, move the money. If your creative is weak, rethink it. If your social media plan is not getting you anywhere, rework it. We can show you how things are working while they are working. Your marketing spend is like a beating heart – it needs the right nourishment and upkeep to stay healthy. At 23e2, we do daily health checks and on-demand optimizations; our exclusive measurement process helps us identify weak areas and make adjustments in real time.

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