SEO for Lawyers

Are you looking to expand your client base for your law firm?

A recurring problem for law firms is getting new customers. Have you been struggling to get more new clients? Leave the marketing to our company and our SEO specialists instead. We will make sure that people can easily find your law firm online. 96% of people search for legal advice from search engines. So make sure that your website has a strong presence online.

How do I market my site and get more traffic?

Your website isn’t getting the customer base you’d hoped for? It could be because of the layout, slow loading speed, lack of backlinks, or content. All these factors can affect a user’s experience. A website is the first thing potential customers see when they search your company. So make sure you have an effective website ready for people who are searching for services like yours. These services are used to gain more visibility for your website by bringing it higher in the search results.

What we do

We offer a variety of services to ensure that your site gains more visibility. But the first thing we do when asked for SEO help is look over your website.

1) Website Audit

We’ll check for any unnecessary code that might be causing problems
Some of your web pages could be hard for the search engine to crawl. This means that the search engine cannot determine the usefulness of your website. Harder to crawl pages could be affecting your website link ranking.
We check for malware and error problems in your site
Users find it annoying using a website with problems and the search engine realizes that and puts your website lower in the search results. This could be why your webpage might not be getting the views it should be.

2) Content Rewrite

We will rewrite your content for every webpage whenever necessary
No matter the site people want to gain information in an interesting way. When the content is dry people are reluctant to read further. No matter the services provided you have to explain it in a quick and easy manner. If your website content is lackluster you may lose potential customers.
Make sure your website has good content by eliminating unnecessary jargon and complicated sentences.
A client wants to know in general terms what your law firm can do to help them in a legal situation. You might be making the mistake of being too thorough in your website. Having a fresh set of eyes look through your content could be a great help.

3) Ease of Use

Reorganize the menu bar and the overall layout
When you get a client to your website you want it to be easy for them to navigate it. A common problem with websites is that people want to show their individuality through their websites. While that is necessary to an extent it could backfire if you make it hard to find things in the site.
Divide the pages up so that they are easily found.
This could mean separating pages and services by locations if the law firm has more than one. By having clear distinctions on topics and how they are related it would be easier for the client to find the page they’re looking for.

4) Keep Your Site Relevant

We will update older pages so that they’re more relevant to today’s viewers
The older the page is the less useful it is to your customers. As your company gains experience there may be changes to policies and other things so it’s better to be upfront with that info. It’s also good because it keeps viewers interested and shows that your company is still pretty active on the website.
Get rid of unnecessary low performing pages
You’ll find as time passes that there are more and more pages added to the website. But this clutters your site and causes unnecessary problems. It is always better to have less pages with high-quality content than many pages with mediocre ones.

5) Load Website Quicker

We will update older pages so that they’re more relevant to today’s viewers
People lose interest in a site if it takes more than 5 seconds for it to load. A lag difference of a few seconds could be costing you customers.
Change servers, get rid of large data consuming images, replace bad links
These are all factors that could be causing your website to have slow loading speed. We’ll fix these problems so that you don’t unnecessarily lose website views.

6) Stand out with an eye-catching home page

Instead have larger images, raving reviews and huge headings
This grabs peoples attention. When someone enters your site the first place they end up is your home page. This is where they get their first impression of your law firm.
Add inbound links to commonly viewed pages in your site and make the home page less wordy
When people enter a home page they want a quick overview of the site. If they end up being interested in learning more they’ll visit the other pages in your site. The moment they start browsing through your site you know the person is a bit more interested in your services and you can start explaining more about your company.

7) Create business Listings

Build links to your website
This is when other websites link to your site. This shows the search engine that you can be trusted so your website authority increases. It also shows that your law firm is more present online which causes the search engine to rank your website higher. One of the easiest ways to do this is through business listings.
We’ll create business listing in relevant directories
A business listing asks for your company’s name, logo, description and website link. This is a great way to let people know about your company and the services you provide in a place where people might be looking for help. Plus it helps put your website link all over the internet.

8) Make sure that information is consistent

Make sure that information is consistent throughout the website
The longer a company has existed the more changes in location, services or prices. If one page says that you provide criminal defense but another page refutes that the users may be confused.
We’ll check online in every place with info on your law firm and make sure it’s updated and accurate
If there is conflicting information on your law firm then potential customers will be confused about your law firm. This could deter people from choosing to hire you for your services.

9) Social Media Visibility

Create posts on all social media platforms
Social media has become a way for law firms to advertise their business. A reason why your competitors may be ahead of you is because of their strong social media presence. It can be helpful in explaining more about your business. Plus you can add a website link to connect interested customers immediately.
Create hashtags, slogans and advertise your law firm
It is a great way to advertise your business in a cost-effective way. When people search up your business they should be finding more than just your website. Social media accounts give potential customers a general idea of how popular your business is.

10) Mobile-Friendly

Make sure your website is functioning properly on a phone
A website can be found on a number of platforms but they have to work properly in all platforms. Some websites are problematic in phones. This is because they weren’t created to be mobile friendly. There could cause problems like buttons don’t work, slower connection, etc.
Make sure the layout on the phone looks good and synchronize all information
Things that may look good on a laptop might not look as nice on a phone screen. So it’s best to check what the website looks like on all devices and make sure that the data collected from a user can be synchronized to all websites. We make sure that while the general information is the same the menus account for the size difference of the device and can fit accordingly.

11) Keyword Targeting

Target keywords to show up on Near me searches
Does your practice work in different locations? It is best to enforce the fact that you are readily available in a local area if you can. This is because near me searches are very popular with potential customers. People like to choose a business that seems like it won’t be too out of their way. Anything that inconveniences them can deter customers from visiting your law firm.
Make your business stand out from competitions
When you have something that differentiates your law firm from others it is best to take advantage of it. Keywords can be used to enhance facts like if you’re open 24/7 or have specific services. This is so when people search for those things your website will become visible. This way you’ll be getting higher traffic to your website.

12) Higher Authority

Create title tags, image alt tags and have more headings
A website needs to have high authority to be trusted by search engines. This is so that they are more likely to bring websites to higher visibility in the web pages. By working on these SEO problems you’ll have a higher domain authority, a great way to increase website rankings.
Make sure all pages receive equal visibility in your website
Each page can be trusted more or less depending on how useful it is to the users. We will make sure that all pages are given equal attention. If they aren’t we will rework them so that they can be useful to the law firm. We want to make your website as a whole gain more attention by making sure that individual pages are looked at.

13) Blogging

Create a blog for your site with relevant content
People don’t just search for law firms when they need help sometimes they’re just curious or need research material. Blogs keep your site relevant and show how knowledgeable you are to future customers. It is a great way to make a loyal following for your website.
Advertise your site and create steady website views
When people like the content posted they’ll talk about it with other people.This means that you could get advertising through word of mouth. It also means these viewers might choose your company if they need legal help. This is because they’ve become familiar with your company so there’s more trust.

14) Competition Check

We check your competitors website and see where we can improve your site in response  
We can improve your website by learning from your competitors since we know where they are gaining the most attention from. Is it for their services prices etc? Once we’re sure of the cause we’ll look into other aspects that they’re using to advertise their website and see if your law firm is doing the same thing.
We examine what their online presence is like
This way you can be found in the same places as your competitors but we go beyond that and add to other places. This is so that you are in the forefront of a customer’s mind when they’re looking for help. By knowing what your competition is doing you can stay ahead of the curve. It is also a great way to learn of advertising avenues that can be used to gain more customers for your business.

14) Make it easy to contact you

Create an easy to find and use contact page
It is important to have a good website that helps explain the company and their values. But you can’t neglect the fact that people sometimes like to meet the people that they will be hiring. Make it easy for them to contact you and make sure to respond quickly to queries. We can make it so that your contact information is easy to find anywhere from your website to the social media pages you may have.
Add an automatic response chat box for more frequently asked questions
This will leave your employees free to answer questions that are more specialized and the customers will get answered quicker. An easy to reach company has a better chance of gaining customers than one that doesn’t respond quickly. Not only should it take no thought on the part of the customers to make the call it shouldn’t waste too much time.

Why choose 23e2 Digital Marketing?

Our company has experience working with all the SEO services mentioned above and includes many more. In fact, our work has helped many of our clients websites gain better visibility. But that’s not all we also have the:
  1. Expertise – We have years of experience working on websites to help advertise it better. So we know what each company needs to gain more customers. For some, it might just be because of the hard to understand content. For others it might be the website layout that’s throwing people off. Whatever the reason we’ll figure it out and fix it so that you are satisfied with the result.  Everyone in our company is dedicated to using their skills to create a website that customers are satisfied with. We know how to do everything from social media posting to link building so that your website is easy to find. 
  2. Tools – Our company has access to some of the most useful SEO tools that can be critical to its success. So we know what changes are necessary to make. We won’t waste your time because we will know where the problems for your website lie. Our company understands what the information means and we can use these tools to see how your competitors are faring in certain areas. We make sure your website pages are higher quality than theirs. With our use of a variety of software tools, we can test and analyze your site and tweak it even after we make changes so that it gives its best performance. 
  3. Communication – We value great client relations with our customers. So we’ll always try to make sure that we discuss things with you before we make any changes. This is the reason why even before we start working on the website we always try to learn about our clients’ business keep them informed of what will be implemented. Our clients are always aware of what we will be working on. We value clients’ input and make sure to avoid undesired changes. We also provide a regular report on how your SEO services are performing. 

When will I notice a difference?

It usually takes about 3-6 months to notice higher ranking of your website. To maintain ranking and continue improvement will require continuous SEO services. This is because social media and keyword trends can change. You always need to be aware of those changes to keep up with the competition. Our services ensure that you’re gaining more visits from your targeted audience. After all, what’s the point if your website gains more views from someone halfway across the world. They’re not likely going to get legal help from your law firm.

How do you make sure traffic is from targeted audience?

From the social media post to the keywords we use, our company will be very clear on what your law firm provides and what it stands for. We’ll make sure that only the people who could use your help and are actually willing to become customers are the ones able to reach your site. After all, it’s the quality not the quantity of views that matter. Although both do make a difference. Our advertising is meant to target your customer base by using larger platforms. So that more people find your website and the services they need. Every company has something that makes them suited to a service. We’ll make sure that we’ll emphasize what makes your company different.

How much does it cost?

The cost of SEO varies case by case. We have different packages available to fit different goals. While all are very useful some would be more beneficial to your company than others. That is because all businesses have their own strengths and weaknesses. We suggest that you get our website services first before you get the other SEO services. This way we can get rid of any problems on the site first. After which we can work on putting your law firm in business directories and making your company more active online. This can be beneficial in the long run. Which is why it is best to think of this as an investment than anything else.

How much does it cost?

After hearing the benefits of gaining SEO services why wait? We have a variety of things that we can help with so that your company gains more customers. If you want to get in contact with us just check out our contact page to call or email. We are always available to start working on SEO services for your company.

Ready to start your new project but have a few questions? We are here to discuss.