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Microsoft Advertising, previously known as Bing Ads marks a new stage in the advertising platform. With Google’s dominance of the search engine market, pay-per-click advertisers often neglect to focus on Microsoft Advertising. If you want to stand out among your competitors, you need to pay attention to each platform. Every search engine has its unique feature that sets it apart from one another. Users also behave differently on each platform as well. A unique feature of Microsoft Advertising is that you can add a call-to-action button beside your ad in search results that allows you to link to the landing page which you prefer. These extensions can help your ads stand out and incentify users to click. If you are trying to target B2B professionals,s LinkedIn targeting is available to help you reach the right audience. Microsoft Advertising allows your ads to show in three different search engines, AOL, Bing and yahoo to your target audience. When incorporating Microsoft Advertising into your PPC campaign, it allows you to expand your reach. In June 2019, the platform accounted for 25% searches happened on a desktop computer.
The Microsoft Search Network includes sites like, as well as other syndicated Microsoft and Yahoo partners. You have the options to narrow or expand the focus of your ads based on your business goals. You can choose to have your ads seen everywhere or on a single site or exclude from certain partner sites. You might be wondering with Google accounting for such a big audience, why is incorporating Microsoft Advertising important in your PPC strategy. Ads on the Microsoft Search Network tend to attract an older audience group, with 40% of those users in the 35- to 54-year-old age group. This age group accounts for nearly 75% of Bing users. Nearly half of the audience in this network makes at least &75,000 or more per year. This makes Microsoft Advertising attractive for those targeting high-wage earners. Keep in mind that Bing having a lower market share also means less competition and cheaper cost per click. In some industries, the CPC is as much as 59% lower in Bing than Google. You might not drive a bunch of traffic in some cases, Microsoft Advertising still provides numerous benefits and should definitely be considered in your PPC strategy. Cheaper bids let you afford more clicks which ultimately result in more traffic and higher conversions. Like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising also gives you control over your target audience and ad placements. Microsoft Advertising generally cost less than Google ads and can show your ads to an older and higher-earning audience. In addition, with Microsoft Advertising also allows you to reach out to audience on XBOX Live and MSN’s television networks. XBOX gaming consoles are found in millions of households across Canada. No matter what your goal is, at 23e2 our team of professionals can help you come up with the appropriate PPC plan tailored to your business.

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