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Newspaper or other traditional media ad might make it difficult to get exact numbers on how many people have actually viewed your ad or came through to your website and eventually convert to a sale or lead. It’s a different story with digital advertising. We believe that business owners like you deserve to know what exactly is your return on investment (ROI), which ads, message or platforms perform the best in conversion. This can help you to improve your campaign over time and bring a better ROI as a result. That is exactly what we are here for: improve your strategy, bring down the cost and achieve a higher ROI.

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Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) has become increasingly popular nowadays because it can help businesses gain more visibility which eventually might turn into leads. PPC is essentially advertisers pay a fee every time your ad gets a click, in short, you are trying to buy visits to your website instead of getting them organically. The most common PPC is search engine advertising such as Google Ads or Bing Ads etc. It is the process of bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business to have your ads placed on sponsored sections of Google or Bing search results. The advantage of this is that it’s fast and instant compare to what it takes for you to be visible on organic search results.

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Google has become the first place where people search for what to do, where to go and what to buy. Your ad shows up when people search for your product or service. Whether it is on desktop or mobile, your ad showing up at the right place and right time can turn search into paying customers. If you want to get new customers to your website, to call your or to visit your store, then setting up a Google Ads campaign is definitely one of the most effective marketing techniques for your business. If you are not ready to invest a big amount yet, Google gives you the flexibility to set your monthly budget cap, change it and pause it anytime.

A successful campaign not only focuses on getting your ad to the top of search results but also increasing conversion rate by implementing the right strategy and improving your ad performance.While being the fast and efficient way to get more potential clients to visit your website, PPC can also be risky if not managed correctly. You might end up spending a lot of money without getting the amount of conversion you were hoping for. Whether you are new to PPC or already have one running, our PPC experts at 23e2 are here to help you along the way.

We set up campaigns on Google, Bing, and a range of other platforms from scratch. We will get your business started on the best possible footing by intelligent setup and choosing the right campaign tactics. If you already have a campaign that is running and trying to have it improved, we are here to help with professional audits, reporting and campaign optimization.

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