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SEO strategies must be frequently improved to meet the fast changing demands of search engine platforms. This is where local search engine optimization comes in, SEO employs industry-specific strategies so that local business sites are relevant across all search engine results page. There is one constant factor in this process, both on-site and off-site optimization is essential for prospects to find the service or product listing. Let our local SEO experts create a long-lasting top of the page impression for your business in your surrounding area so when people are searching within your industry, you will stand out as their go-to option. Whether you want to increase your sales or influence on social media platforms, 23e2 will be taking care of planning, developing and implementing local SEO campaigns that will reflect your corporate vision.

What we do

As a marketing agency, we usually structure our SEO plan into a few steps. Generally we starting assessing if your website is designed in a search engine friendly way that search engine understands. We would then proceed to the keyword searching stage where our team will analyze your marketing goal and compare with that of your competitors to come up with set of high search volume and relevant keywords. With the set of relevant keywords, we would also be able to build title tags, search terms and descriptions for each page on your website, which is commonly known as content building. Depending on the situation, it might also involve modification of original website content so they are keywords focused.

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