Pay Per Click

A leading PPC agency in Toronto, 23e2 Digital Marketing, specializes in creating and managing cost-effective PPC campaigns. We believe that business owners like you deserve to know what exactly is your return on investment, which ads, messages or platforms perform the best in conversion. That is exactly what we are here for: improve PPC campaign strategy, bring down the cost and achieve a higher ROI. Our Toronto PPC specialists are certified by Google and Microsoft, having worked on hundreds of PPC campaigns with great results.
Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) has become increasingly popular nowadays because it can help businesses gain more visibility which eventually might turn into leads. PPC is essentially advertisers pay a fee every time your ad gets a click, in short, you are trying to buy visits to your website instead of getting them organically. The most common PPC is search engine advertising such as Google Ads or Bing Ads etc. It is the process of bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business to have your ads placed on sponsored sections of Google or Bing search results. The advantage of this is that it’s fast and instant compare to what it takes for you to be visible on organic search results.

PPC Management Fee

At 23e2 Digital, delivering revenue generating campaigns and effective customer experiences have been critical to our success in digital marketing. We have had the honor to partner with some of the local SMBs in Toronto as well as businesses across North America to create unique and customized marketing strategy. Our PPC management fee starts at $350/month.


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