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Graphic design is the medium of which visual communication using photography and illustration. Because there are so many ways for graphic designers to create and combine images, test and symbols to turn into visual representations, we usually classy inti logos and branding, advertising, signage and communication designs etc. Our graphic design services range from logo design, business cards, brochures, flyers to signs and banners etc.

Logo Design GTA

Your logo represents your brand. It is the first impression that connects you to your prospective clients. A meaningful logo can build trust and convey professionalism of your products or services to people. Therefore, this would require a skillful and experienced designer.
At 23e2, we create logos in a wide range of styles, from text only to graphic symbols to illustrations for all kinds of products and services.

Business Cards Toronto

If you are starting a business or rebranding your company in Toronto, our graphic designers can help you to create business cards that truly represent your business value. Once you have your logo created, business cards are usually the next step. There are many types of business card, some are one-sided, some are double-sided, it can be flat or folded, plain or textured or even with different shapes.

Flyers/ Brochures Design Toronto

Are you considering to promote your service or product through brochures or flyers? If you are 23e2 is here to help you with affordable flyer designs. If you want to benefit from printed material marketing, flyers and brochures are more than just the layout. Our professional graphic designers have been helping numerous Toronto small and medium businesses with their flyers and brochures. We take the information that you want your customers to know and present in a desirable and effective way making sure that the content is not only useful but compelling.

Banners and Displays Toronto

When you have an appointment with a client, you have a few seconds to impress them before the real conversation comes in. The moment they see the logo on your glass door, the moment you hand them your business card, the moment they step in your door and caught by the stunning banner at the entrance, these are all important factors when doing business. The small details of your company represent you in many different ways. During a trade show, a well-designed banner can make you stand out from your competitors and win the first impression.

The graphic designers at 23e2 are experienced in creating signs, window graphics, banners and displays. If you already have your content, we simply provide options for layout and designs. If not, we can work with you to find the most ideal texts and images that can best represent your company’s products or services.

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