Google Seller Ratings And What It Can Do For You!

There are many things that can prove valuable to a business, and some of them can be small things that often go unnoticed. In the case of the ever-growing digital market, one such aspect is Google Seller Ratings.

A Google Seller Rating is simply an extension to your Google Adwords. It displays your business’s average rating beside the ad you are running. This simple action has a surprising effect on the CTR of your ads. Google stated that ads that run this extension see a 17% increase to the CTR, over ads that do not run GSR. Even better is that you are not charged for the extension, but rather for the clicks your ad receives.

The question becomes why many businesses fail to implement this. A simple tool that can bring about greater success but is underutilized. This can be mostly blamed on the fact that it is hard to keep up with Google and their updates. They are constantly updating their software and releasing tools to the public.

Closer Examination

A Google Seller Rating extension has the rating of your business, the number of reviews you got, and why you got that particular rating. The source of the ratings/reviews from several sources, including feedback from independent review sites, and shopping reviews from your own domain.

The necessary requirements to have a Seller Ratings are as follows:

  • Possess 160 authentic, transaction verified reviews over a 12 month period
  • The overall rating should be greater than 3.5
  • The source needs to be from 15-20 Google approved review systems

Here is an example of how GSR would look like if you are able to implement the extension.

Having Issues?

Here are some things you can do to help solve some problems you may have with GSR.

  • You can observe the GSR feed for your own store by typing your store’s URL after
  • You can check to see if GSR is showing by placing your store domain in the Google Shopping search bar.
  • You can preview your Google Ad in an incognito window with the URL


As a digital marketing firm our self, we always encourage our clients to pursue solutions to increase their reputation on digital platforms. This method can net a 17% increase to CTR of any Google Ad they run. If there are competitors trying to outpace you through several means, choosing this option becomes a no-brainer. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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